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Naomi Campbell--Political Candidate?

David Harsanyi a href=”http://www.denverpost.com/harsanyi/ci_8328843″states in his emDenver Post /emcolumn /aentitled, “The Truth About Castro”:br /br /blockquoteSupermodel Naomi Campbell claims that Fidel Castro is “a source of inspiration to the world.” Actually, in South Beach, dingbat stick-figures can pocket millions strutting down runways, but in Cuba, young women are destined to toil in a socialist economy with little hope. They aren’t inspired by Castro. Suicide rates are estimated to have tripled since El Caballo began running things./blockquote br /br /Maybe Campbell should stick with modeling, sounds like she has a better career there than in politics; on the other hand, the way that some of our politicians appease and admire dictators, maybe not.