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Philippine President Arroyo Crushes Rebellion Against Her

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Dean Bocobo: “Rebel leaders Trillanes and Lim gave up after the tank and APCs entered the hotel. They are holding a Press Conference and have said they are about to surrender, but they are still defiant. Since the rebels are are already in detention, they just go back into detention. No one killed or hurt. The rebel leaders are saying they are retreating (to fight another day.)”

ABS-CBN: “Rebel soldiers calling for the resignation of President Arroyo are set to surrender Thursday after taking over the Manila Peninsula in Makati. Sen Antonio Trillanes IV said he and other rebel soldiers will come out of the hotel so as not to endanger the lives of civilians after government troops stormed the hotel. “You have been witnesses and victims of the kind of ruthlessness this administration has given to the people. Now like soldiers we are going to face this,” he told reporters.

Dean Bocobo: “Tremendous exchanges of gunfire are being aired live by ABSCBN from the hotel where a SWAT team has apparently laid seige to the lobby. A tank has busted through the front door and entered the Lobby of the poshest hotel in Makati! Fifty soldiers in full battle gear and gas masks are rushing into the hotel. They are now on the first floor. On the 2nd floor Rizal Ball room Sen. Trillanes and General Danilo Lim are holed up with about 300 civilians, including Media, and various personalities. They refuse to surrender. They are being beseiged by media to decide what to do.”