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Live Like a Caveman to Cure Depression?

Psychologist Stephen Ilardia href=”http://www.psych.ku.edu/TLC/AARPIlardi_small.pdf” was interviewed for an article/a on depression by the AARP magazine on his approach to treating depression:br /br /blockquoteSo maybe we’ve been wrong about depression. Maybe it’s not just some mental-chemical problem requiring a Prozac prescription or soulbaring confessions to a Dr. Melfi-type therapist. Maybe, says Stephen Ilardi, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at the University of Kansas, what’s darkening our lives is the way we actually live our lives….br /br /Since World War II, as the United States has modernized and grown more urban, depression rates have risen tenfold. Nearly a quarter of to day’s adult population will have experienced the disorder by age 75. So Ilardi wants us to look back, way back, to our Paleolithic past To our cave-dwelling, hunter-gatherer ancestors, who were somehow protected against depression, most likely by their highly social, active, outdoorsy lives, Ilardi theorizes./blockquotebr /br /Well, I have to ask, could part of the reason cavemen had less depression be because they lived only 30 years or less? No midlife crisis because well, you probably didn’t have a midlife, just a short one. Anyway, aside from that comment, go a href=”http://www.psych.ku.edu/TLC/AARPIlardi_small.pdf”read the article /aand see what you think.br /br /Update: Ace a href=”http://ace.mu.nu/archives/243847.php”says these cavemen /adon’t seem happy.