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Comments on Domestic Violence

Digg linked to my post on women being twice as likely to hit as men. There a href=”http://digg.com/health/Survey_Women_Twice_as_Likely_to_Commit_Domestic_Violence”are some interesting comments from many of the readers over there,/a some sad, some puzzled and some sexist. The truth is, many men are hit by their significant others, and no one wants to talk about it. Women often expect men to have total restraint and take the blows and abuse without a whimper. This is a form of psychological abuse, but somehow it is only seen that way if it is committed against a woman. Men actually have feelings too, believe it or not — and punching, hitting and kicking is a poor way to communicate with them. br /br /I am glad people are talking about it, but talk is cheap, and action is better. Perhaps it is time to start realizing that women can also display acts of aggression that are psychologically damaging to men in ways that are deeply wounding. Women should be taught the boundaries of aggression in their interactions with men and realize that a punch thrown or a knife tossed is not funny or cute, even though it’s often portrayed that way in the movies.