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Tehran's Power Struggle Peaking?

An Islamic Republic’s Judiciary spokesman announced that Hossein Moussavian, arrested last May 1st, will be released along with a number of teachers on Wednesday, during a “special ceremony” in the presence of reporters.

This announcement comes after few moves by Ahmadinejad’s rival group headed by Iran’s strong man, Hashemi Rafsanjani:

– Majles (Parliament) stepped in and summoned Mohseni Ejehi, the regime’s intelligence minister, to explain the arrest.

– Many arguments allegedly took place behind the doors among the regime’s top dogs, including Khamenehi.

– In order to protect his man Moussavian and his own hold on power, Rafsanjani openly threatened that he would be forced to open his mouth and shed light on some inconvenient facts if this incident dragged on.

Although rumors of espionage and treason against Moussavian were flying, no formal charges were brought up. This is a clear evidence of the secret war for power inside the Islamic regime at the moment.

For the first time in their 28-year history, Islamic Majles had introduced a bill to reduce presidential term, calling for new elections before Ahmadinejad’s four year term is over, but failed to pass it. The same bill was once again introduced days before “Atomic Boy”‘s arrest, this time with bigger chances of getting it through.

Ever since Khomeini’s death, the struggle between two rival factions inside the Islamic Republic for the total control of the country has been going on, but never to this extent. Particularly at a moment when the invincibility of the regime is in question by the new international sanctions, and the possibility of hostile military engagements is in the horizon.

And what about the poor arrested teachers that will be released along with Moussavian in front of cameras? Well, although Iranian rulers have never disappointed the public with their own version of propaganda, this is the question for the days to come.