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A million dudes who call themselves "amateur gynecologists" don't deserve $100K+ a year for that, either.

Comedian Jennifer Dziura a href=”http://www.jenisfamous.com/2007/05/moms-work-would-bring-in-138095-year.html”has a hilarious take /aon the whole notion that mothers are supposed to be paid a small fortune for each of the “jobs” she performs as a mother (Hat Tip: a href=”http://www.economist.com/blogs/freeexchange/2007/05/put_them_all_together_they_spe.cfm”Economist.com/a):br /br /blockquoteSince we’ve done “CEO,” let’s talk about “psychologist.” JUST BECAUSE YOU PERFORM DUTIES “LIKE” A PSYCHOLOGIST DOES NOT MAKE YOU A PSYCHOLOGIST. A million dudes who call themselves “amateur gynecologists” don’t deserve $100K+ a year for that, either. Psychologists, I’m sure, are pleased that apparently their medical degrees and licenses are irrelevant. I’ve sometimes offered advice to a friend in need, but I don’t charge, and if I did, my counsel would be worth less than that of someone who, you know, passed the MCAT./blockquotebr /br /Actually, that would be the GRE for a psychologist, the MCAT is for psychiatrists, and I assume that most moms don’t prescribe drugs for their kids, unless you count doling out Benadryl to make the kid sleepy on a long car trip as psychiatric services. But anyway, I will tell mothers what people tell me when I complain that psychologists don’t make enough money (and Ms. Dziura confirms this a href=”http://www.jenisfamous.com/2007/05/moms-work-would-bring-in-138095-year.html”in her point number 6/a): Jobs are worth however much other people will actually pay you for them. No more and no less.