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Israel's PM Gets Pink Slip

Lots of bloggers attended the unique demonstration:

“Almost all rallies are supported by a political party. Almost all rallies are sectarian, to a degree. Religious, settler, right-wing, left-wing, whatever. This rally was none of the above. The rally had no affiliation with any political party and no politician was invited to speak…. Everybody stood together with one goal. To tell Olmert he must resign.” (Life in Israel)“Being far the magical figures of 400,000 after the Sabra and Shatila massacre, but still being quite a big mass, I would rank the protest as “medium”. Olmert won’t go tomorrow, but the process has begun.” (Things.co.il) [He was right about Olmert, who is digging in his heels.]

Lisa Goldman went contrarian, breaking with the crowd after a long and thoughtful analysis.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Olmert fan. I just don’t see any point in his resigning, because he’s no more of a liar and a pathological narcissist than pretty much every other prominent Israeli politician (there are few less prominent politicians that I like and respect, but they’re too principled and uncharismatic to go far in the shark-infested waters of high-profile politics). And besides, who would replace Olmert? The leader of the opposition, Bibi Netanyahu? Surely not!

A lot of people called Thursday’s demonstration a great example of democracy in action. I saw it as a populist event without much purpose beyond the immediate goal of getting rid of the government. Finally, an issue that Left and Right could agree on! Everyone wanted Olmert out, everyone loved their country, let’s forget that we usually disagree vehemently on the most fundamental issues affecting the state and go for a big group hug. I would be much more impressed if 200,000 people showed up to protest the fact that one-third of Israeli children live in poverty, or to support the striking university students.”

A collection of their photos are here.