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Is Eye Rolling a Sign of Intelligence?

While reading over the a href=”http://blog.nerdfamily.com/2007/02/this-weeks-carnival-of-homeschooling.html”Homeschool Carnival /athis week, I found this post: a href=”http://gottsegnet.blogspot.com/2007/02/if-you-want-your-child-socializeda.html”If You Want your Child Socialized: A Public School Satire./a It’s actually quite humorous and sad, both at the same time. This post is particularly helpful a href=”http://www.sengifted.org/articles_social/Schuler_TeasingAndGiftedChildren.shtml”if you have a gifted child /awho is made fun of in school for his or her sensitive nature or tendency to roll his or her eyes at the dummied down curriculum. Public school teachers, often because of their insecurity or desperate need for conformity, will become incensed by the eyerolls and determine the child to be a problem. It seems to me that the main source of socialization for many kids, especially smart ones in public school, is found in learning how to cope with the egos of teachers who can’t teach and other kids who are uninterested in learning anything beyond dominating the social hierarchy.