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Iron Shrink, a self-described “libertarian and capitalist” psychologist (like myself) discusses a recent a href=”http://psychologytoday.com/articles/index.php?term=pto-20061222-000001page=1″Psychology Today article /a on the old tired thesis that conservatives are somehow flawed–and really, could there be any other conclusion in a psychology magazine? a href=”http://www.ironshrink.com/articles/070116_political_conservatism_study_methodology.php”Iron Shrink states:/abr /br /blockquoteIt’s a long one this week, kids, but worth the effort. You may have heard the news that conservatives are crazy. The February 2007 issue of Psychology Today offers a watered-down account of a 2003 study asserting that conservatives are dogmatic, closed-minded, and essentially less intelligent than liberals. That’s the tame version. br /br /As you might expect from a study that maligns millions of people, this one is overflowing with methodological problems, and that’s the topic this week. If you find these research methods to be acceptable because you agree with the conclusions, I beg you to reconsider. They may be “researching” you next./blockquotebr /br /a href=”http://www.ironshrink.com/articles/070116_political_conservatism_study_methodology.php”Read the whole thing/a.