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First Presidential Straw Poll 2008


This is a rolling poll in which each person is able to vote for one candidate in each party once a week. This far away from the election people will undoubtedly change their minds about the candidates as events go forward. Our intention is to track those changes with the growing online electorate.

We encourage you to vote for one candidate in each party. We realize that some people find the opposite side of the aisle anathema, but consider it an experiment in democracy.

And come back next week to vote again.

NOTE TO BLOGGERS AND OTHER WEBSITES: Next week code will be available to embed the Presidential Straw Poll on your site. Treat your site like a poll precinct. Coming as well will be a method of showing how participants from each blog/site are voting.

ALSO COMING SOON: A Round Table forum for you to discuss the election, your vote, the candidates and other issues of interest.

Vote Early, Vote Once a Week!

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