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Bill Bradley @ New West Notes: “Why Jane Harman was the best choice for House Intel Chair.”

Victor Davis Hanson @ Works & Days: “The wonderful thing about farming is this need to endure when events go awry, both due to carelessness and to conditions “beyond our control’.”


Michael Ledeen @ Faster Please: “As the Associated Press fights for the cherished position of this generation’s version of The Goon Show….”

Richard Miniter: Dear President Carter,“Does the fact that Palestinian gunmen used pages torn from 900-year old bibles as toilet paper, when they invaded the Church of the Nativity, not give you any pause?”

Claudia Rosett @ The Rosett Report: “The day will come when we will re-read Santorum’s words, and wish our leaders had listened.”

Ron Rosenbaum: “Shouldn’t every single United Way official involved be kicked to the curb for ignorance and incompetence?”

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