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Katrina Fatigue

It appears that communities are growing weary of supporting Katrina victims. I bet this church wishes deep down that they had never watched the Oprah show–thanks to reader Bruce Small for sending me a href=”http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-0608040283aug04,1,6836386.story?page=1coll=chi-business-hed”this article/a: br /br /blockquoteMoved by the plight of a single mother who appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show last year to tell of losing her home to Hurricane Katrina, members of a Palatine church invited her to live rent-free in their parsonage.br /br /St. Paul United Church of Christ has hosted Keisha Moran, 23, and her children since last September, providing them with the means for starting a new life–including donations of clothing, furniture, food and even a car. But the church now says it is time for Moran and her three children–ages 5, 1 1/2 and 4 months–to leave and get on with life on their own.br /br /”Our commitment was to provide housing for you and to give you an opportunity to become self-sufficient after the losses you experienced from Hurricane Katrina,” the church’s Executive Council told Moran in a letter. The council said that it is time for Moran to take “the next step” by herself.br /br /One problem: Moran doesn’t want to go. She said she is being kicked out prematurely and for no good reason./blockquotebr /br /The church community has offered Moran job opportunites and daycare–but apparently, this woman does not subscribe to the sayings, “God helps those who help themselves” or “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Luckily for Moran though, a women’s a href=”http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-0608040283aug04,1,6836386.story?page=2coll=chi-business-hed”group is coming to her rescue/a:br /br /blockquoteOther agencies are willing to help Moran immediately, McNamara said. The not-for-profit Women in Need Growing Stronger, or WINGS, has offered Moran and her children housing for at least six months.br /br /”My heart is breaking because we have loved this woman and her children for an entire year and have given everything we have,” McNamara said. “We’ve put our needs second in order to put her needs first.”/blockquotebr /br /I can’t help but think that the church group who supported this user–I mean victim–for a year will think twice before allowing someone else to take advantage of their generosity. In personal relationships, as in relationships between countries, there will always be people who push the limits of other people’s good nature.