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Just Walk Away

Wow, I really admire people who can just walk away and quit the profession that they spent a good part of their life preparing for–I wish I had. I used to be one of those people who would persevere through anything, despite the unhappiness it caused me. Since my heart attack six years ago, I have cut down my private practice to one day a week–and those cases I take must really interest me in some way or give me a sense that I am making a difference for an individual or society. In my profession, I find it rare to feel that fulfilled. Many courts, agencies, attorneys etc. have an agenda or underlying objective for why they want a forensic evaluation–and it does not always mesh with the truth. For this reason and for many others, I rarely practice my field. br /br /Have you ever dreamed of just quitting your day job, staying home to read your favorite books, write or just spend your time blogging? You know, you see all those a href=”http://radiantmarketinggroup.com/2005/12/06/new-blog-targeted-to-professional-bloggers/”ads that tell you how to be a full time blogger/a–anyone out there succeeding at this or wish they could?