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Is it my imagination, or do the primetime TV shows seem even more desperate to portray PC ideas and make stabs at Republicans? I was watching a few shows last night–watching would be a little strong–maybe glancing at them as I flipped through the channels. emWill and Grace /emseems to be getting worse and worse with PC innuendos tossed in for good measure on every show. On this one, Grace mentions the “uppity Canadians, what with their free health care and gay rights.” The message? Americans refuse healthcare to many and are hung up on homophobia. And the digs about homophobia continue in another scene, while at a resort of some sort, Jack tells his son not to hug him on a street corner since one corner is named Murder and the other Homophobia. Yes, that is typical of most Americans–just ready to kill or maim any two men they see hugging. And finally, after being exasperated with this show, I watched a few minutes of the following sitcom entitled emThe Four Kings/em–apparently about four guys who live together. Forgive me if I am vague on the plot–these shows are usually too silly to follow. The gist of it seemed to be that a couple of the guys wanted their friend, brother or whatever to attend or help out with a Democratic function in order to beat a “sleezebag Republican.” The dude they are talking to has to let the audience know that he is “as good a Democrat as anyone who doesn’t vote” (the guy is a slacker) but does not want to attend. br /br /Okay, I watched less than thirty minutes of TV last night and saw at least three jabs at conservatives and/or Americans in general. The Democrats are portrayed as being the norm with the conservatives being abberant racists, homophobes or sleezebags. It’s no wonder people are turning away from watching primetime TV and heading to the internet for entertainment and news.