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About the New PJMedia.com

We’ve updated more than just the look of our website. Here are the key things you need to know about the new PJMedia.com. If you have additional questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section and we’ll answer them!


  • The design itself is very clean, with a lot of white space to help the content shine. It’s also highly visual — images and headlines are emphasized on every page. This also means you’ll see more videos and images. Our new slideshow feature gives us the ability to tell stories visually.
  • The user’s experience was the foremost thought guiding our redesign. The new website is easy to use as well as appealing to the eyes.
  • Now, PJMedia.com is responsive to all devices – mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop — making the articles easy to read on any screen.
  • A core focus of the site’s functionality is social sharing – we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to share your favorite articles with your networks.
  • The organization of the website is also better than ever. In addition to our core content categories, we will have pages devoted to curating all of our articles on a given topic — person, place or thing.

Content Sections
At the top of the website, you will see links to the main content sections:

  • News & Politics covers the news of the day — from what’s happening on Capitol Hill to what’s happening in cities and towns across the country. We strive to bring you the information about how politicians and their policies are affecting your life, especially your family and your wallet.
  • The “Tatler” has become the Trending section. Here you can find coverage of important news stories as they happen.
  • Election covers the candidates and campaigns through primaries to general elections and beyond.
    • Diary of a Mad Voter, led by PJ Media co-founder Roger L. Simon, covers the ups and downs of the 2016 presidential election season through the eyes of a concerned voter.
  • Homeland Security gives insight into the threats facing America, including terrorism abroad and at home; cyber security; data hacking; immigration; human trafficking and more.
  • Parenting provides valuable resources for parents by parents, including advice, inspiration, encouragement and much more.
  • Faith brings together people from various religions. Our contributors discuss the way that their faith impacts their daily lives; share inspirational stories; and dive into the fundamental beliefs of religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam and others.
  • Lifestyle presents the latest trends in books, movies, music, and pop culture, along with quick links to interesting content around the Web. Our goal is to provide you with engaging ideas and information that will enrich your life.

After much back-and-forth, we decided to move away from our homegrown commenting system and adopt Disqus. This system is easy to use and has great comment moderation features to keep the SPAM away.

This means that we’ve removed accounts on PJMedia.com, but you can still use your account to access videos on PJTV.com, and to leave comments on Instapundit.

To comment on PJ Media articles, you’ll need a Disqus account. You can go ahead and create one by clicking here. Or, you can wait until you’re ready to leave a comment — you don’t even have to leave our website!

“Hot Story” feature

hot story

When this symbol appears on an article, it means the story is popular! We use the number of pageviews to determine which stories are “hot.” This feature will help you know which articles are must-reads.

Related stories

When you’re finished reading an article, we’ll show you additional articles that are related to the one you just read.

Author pages

We’ve enhanced our author pages so you can learn more about your favorite writers. Just click on an author’s name and you’ll be taken to a page that includes a biography, links to social media accounts, books and films from the author, and a list of recommended websites.