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PJ Media Joins the Townhall Media Family

I’m pleased to share some exciting news with PJ Media readers! On Monday, Salem Media Group announced the acquisition of PJMedia.com, which means we’re now part of the Townhall Media family as we join their stable of conservative sites, including Townhall, Hot Air, Twitchy, Bearing Arms, and RedState, under the leadership of Vice President and General Manager Jonathan Garthwaite. This is a tremendous opportunity to expand PJM’s reach as we partner with Townhall’s other excellent properties and their 15 million-strong monthly readership.

“We’re excited to add PJ Media to the Townhall Media network,” said Garthwaite. “PJ Media has done great work covering the issues that impact the future of the country. Townhall Media’s reach at a critical point in our nation’s history grows tremendously with PJ on our team.”


PJM has been growing exponentially over the last three years, nearly tripling our reach thanks, in no small part, to our faithful readers, many of whom have been with us since Roger L. Simon co-founded the site in 2004. Words can hardly express how grateful we are for your ongoing support and encouragement over the years — and even your criticism, which has helped us to stay focused on serving you, our customers.

Not a lot will change on the front end as a result of the acquisition. We’ll still bring you the same quality commentary and news coverage you’ve come to expect from our site, and nearly all of our columnists and contributors have agreed to continue on as we make the transition to Townhall Media.

Roger, of course, will continue to publish his excellent and insightful column and Tyler O’Neil has been named senior editor. Liz Sheld and Steve Green (aka Vodkapundit) will continue to manage our daily live blog, with Liz’s zippy Morning Briefing and Steve’s adroit commentary. We’ve been building a fun little community over at the live blog; if you haven’t yet checked it out, please stop by. Every day we look forward to interacting with readers in the comments section, so please join us for your morning coffee and then stick around as the news day unfolds.

I’ve been privileged to work with some amazing—and brilliant—writers and editors since I joined PJM as a freelance writer in 2012 and I am excited that we’re now going to join forces with a group of equally talented writers on the Townhall Media team. I’m grateful to Aaron Hanscom, whose tireless work and leadership helped PJM become what it is today. I’m also honored to count him as a close friend.

Many thanks to former CEO Aubrey Chernick, whose vision and support allowed us to grow and become a leading voice in the conservative media sector.

“I am honored to have worked with an amazing group of writers to build PJ Media into the respected, trusted and established brand it is today,” Chernick said. “Now, there is an opportunity to continue to expand PJ Media’s voice and brand and distribute its content to an even bigger audience.”

Again, thanks to you, dear readers, for allowing PJM to grace the pixels of your computer screen—and now your mobile and tablet devices—over the last 15 years. Here’s to another 15 years—and beyond!

Paula Bolyard
Managing Editor
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