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Climategate: Not Enough, Phil — Skeptics' Careers, Lives Have Been Endangered

Professor Phil Jones has made some cautious concessions to his critics, but falls well short of the retraction and apology he owes his fellow scientists, policymakers, and the millions of people who trusted him, the CRU, and the IPCC.

It is not unusual for the scientists and promoters who stoke global warming alarmism to sound moderate and conciliatory from time to time. So now, Jones concedes that “the vast majority of climate scientists” don’t believe the debate is over.

Gee, thanks. But I’ve received death threats for saying that.

It’s not likely the people he misled for so many years will decide to stop placing those phone calls and sending those emails.

I want to know when Jones, Hansen, Mann, and the rest of the Climategate gang apologize to the 31,000 American scientists who signed the Oregon Petition saying there is no global warming crisis.

I want to hear about apologies to Fred Singer, Pat Michaels, Roy Spencer, and the rest of the “skeptics” who have been ridiculed repeatedly by Jones and his colleagues not just in email exchanges, but publicly in countless speeches, op-eds, letters, and interviews with reporters.

The Heartland Institute has been saying for 15 years that the science behind the global warming scare was weak. We’ve worked with hundreds of individuals who took great risks to their careers, reputations, and even their personal safety to speak out against one of the most powerful and dangerous popular delusions of the past century.

They are still the victims of wildly inaccurate and vicious attacks on Web sites like DeSmogBlog, RealClimate, and Wikipedia.

Until those attacks are taken offline and their authors apologize, this isn’t over.

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