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Will Women Sacrifice Our Republic for Sex?

As the polls continue to reflect, female voters have significant sway in the election process and in election results. Women proved to be the final contributing factor in Terry McAuliffe’s victory as the new governor of Virginia Tuesday night. The margin was incredibly slim, yet it was women who carried the day for McAuliffe and for the Democrats’ agenda — an agenda which ironically handcuffs women and the women’s movement. The Democrats’ promise of independence for women is an empty promise.

As we approach two pivotal elections in 2014 and 2016 it’s rather vital for the survival of our democratic republic that women pay heed to the fact that not all forms of independence stem from the womb. This womb jerk reaction in the voting booth is a response upon which the Democrats rely. They hold the baby rattle over women’s heads to distract them from the true intention of the party. Dependence. This is a deception dripping in irony because women have fought for centuries for independence of mind and spirit.

The Democrats are ignoring women as a complete soul — one of intellect, courage, talent, and leadership — and focusing on the age-old tradition of treating women as sexual objects.

Haven’t we been trying to prove for centuries that we are more than our bodies? Yet this is the sole focus of the Democrats’ campaign for women — because it’s the only one they have — their reproductive organs.

Women are still sex symbols to the Democratic Party. So much for burning the bras. No “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar” from the Democrats’ camp. It’s sex and reproduction, sex and reproduction. Sex is the sexist target of the Democrats.

Amazingly, women fall for these antics. Like a blind man on a tightrope, women who vote for Democrats fall prey to the seduction of voting solely for sexual independence.

Yet independence is varied and complex to the complete woman. It reaches beyond — way beyond — sex.

What good is sexual freedom if all other freedoms are sacrificed in the process?

There are many battles for freedom that women should be fighting. Battles that have huge implications for not only themselves but for their families and their country.

Who offers freedom from unemployment for themselves, their husbands, and their children? Not the Democrats. They want socialism, which crushes the economy and free enterprise. Who offers freedom from crushing federal regulations that keep women from opening their own businesses and being their own bosses? Not the Democrats. They want big government and over-reaching control, which make start-up businesses almost obsolete, especially for women.

Who offers freedom from federally mandated school curriculums that prevent their kids from reaching their full potential? Not the Democrats. They are against school choice and charter schools and they oppose state sovereignty.

Who offers freedom from the Obamacare fiasco, which will ruin the best healthcare in the world? Not the Democrats. Obamacare prevents women and their families from using the doctor of choice, at the time of their choice, with the plan of their choice.

Who offers freedom from the exorbitant national debt? Not the Democrats. They are in constant denial of the impending fiscal collapse and refuse to deal with it. Who offers freedom from high gas and electric prices? Not the Democrats. They want to shut down America’s natural resources, forcing us to rely on foreign countries and jeopardizing American’s safety and financial solvency.

Who offers freedom from entitlements and crippling dependency, which are especially high among women? Not the Democrats. They want dependence and rely on apathy because it is their sustenance.

Who offers freedom from an unaccountable federal government? Not the Democrats. They believe the Constitution, which gives them power, is irrelevant.

Who offers freedom from tyranny? Not the Democrats. A bloated government that is secretive and coercive is tyranny, and it is the demise of a republican form of government. Only a constitutional republic and a small limited government protect Americans’ unalienable rights.


Women’s sole focus on the womb and perpetual denial of the necessities of other pertinent freedoms will be the cause of our republic’s demise and America’s implosion. When this happens, women will lose not only their social rights but their First Amendment rights, and when they pull themselves up from the collapse of their country, they will suddenly realize that it was the Democrats who returned women to square one — silenced, imprisoned, impoverished.