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Ted Cruz – The Paul Revere of American Medical Care

Liberal networks rejoiced about the end of the recent government shutdown, singing the praises of Obama. They salivated, licking their chops, as they hunted Republicans spear in hand. The conservative networks, with debt clock displayed, worried about the consequences of the bill that re-opened the government, tossing an obligatory jab at Ted Cruz. Though the conservative networks were more mild mannered and on target, both contingencies neglected a critical aspect of the event — what was in the bill? No one seemed to know at the time. One news anchor suggested that the final bill contained income validation for those applying for Obamacare subsidies. Yet, when he asked the veteran reporter what else was in it, the reporter replied with “uhmmm, I don’t know….” and deftly changed the subject.


The consequences of this lack of knowledge, brought on by a mammoth, incomprehensible government, are dangerous and devastating. American politics has become a caricature, a shell, of what it should be – lacking character. American governing has become a comedy of errors in a Shakespearean tragedy.

The American people, like sheep walking through the valley of debt, have been misled by a faction of miscreants — miscreants who have raided and neglected the goodwill and trust of the American people for selfish reasons. They, and the apparatuses that aid and abet them, have been keeping Americans in the shadow of darkness.

Ironically, even with all the social media, radio and television shows, the American people are living in the political dark ages. Who truly understands anything that is happening in Washington, D.C.? James Madison predicted the dire repercussions of such obscurity in Federalist 62. He prophesied that if the laws were too voluminous and too incoherent, a republic couldn’t stand. If no one understood the laws, it would be irrelevant to elect men of our own choice. Why indeed? It is futile to elect men of our own choice if we cannot, and even they cannot, understand what laws they are promulgating.

Some of this deceit has been inherited and some is currently perpetuated by design. Both parties are responsible for the ancestral paper trail from hell. Now, however, only Republicans are trying to own it and do something about it — and something has to be done about it. The time has come for the TRUTH.

Biden bit into the blame game again regarding the government shutdown. He had the gall to blame Republicans for endangering the full faith and credit of the United States. Really? Let’s get real. The ones who are endangering the full faith and credit of the United States are the Democrats. With full-throttle determination they are ruining American credit with debt and impairing Americans’ safety with loans from foreign countries. It is the Democrats who are endangering the full faith and credit of the United States by denying that spending is out of control and that the entitlements are in dire need of reform. Denying the debt, ignoring the vulnerabilities of foreign influence, engineering even more entitlements, artificially stimulating the marketplace, printing more money, usurping one-fifth of the economy — and perpetuating unemployment — with Obamacare are not the acts of protecting the full faith and credit of the United States. These are the acts that demoralize the full faith and credit of the United States and these are acts that demoralize Americans. These are acts that are deceitful to Americans. These are acts that are derelict of American duty.


With raging and reprehensible party rhetoric, Democrats defend their complete party allegiance with vulgar words about Republicans. They behave in ways that would make a schoolyard bully blush. Yet, Democrats attack Republicans without intellectual principle and reason. Their arguments are based on obstinance, not substance.

Where is the knowledge? Where are the facts? Where are the answers? Where is American dignity? Where is American character? Congress has lower ratings than a cockroach not only because of the darkness and devastation they are heaping upon the American people but because of the way they act toward one another. Not only are there no facts and no plans for fiscal solvency, there is no decency, no respect.

Since Americans can’t understand the mechanisms of government – they feel. How do most Americans feel? They feel like they are drowning in a state of ignorance and powerlessness regarding their own government. They feel like they are stuck in neutral as they watch their representatives writhe in quagmire. They feel that in order to get out, Americans need a strong antidote to the current duplicity. What is this antidote? TRUTH. Americans are blinded from the truth because it is hidden in party rhetoric, bloated bills and incoherent, brutal dialogue – strategic manipulation that blinds the average American.

This is why so many Americans outside of the beltway were uplifted and encouraged by the likes of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Jeff Sessions, Jim Inhofe and Louie Gohmert. These men stood on truth. These men stood on principle. These men were fighting on the solid ground of common sense.


It was an effort whose time had come.

They were taking a stand for the average American who feels like she is not being heard. They were shedding the light on the dark abyss of a 2,700-page bill that has resulted in over ten million words of regulations. Their acts built an exciting momentum that still buoys many Americans today. It brought national attention to Obamacare and how it will affect all Americans in a negative and perhaps devastating way. History will make Ted Cruz the Paul Revere of American medical care.

To those Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and the press, who denigrated the Ted Cruz team tactics, the fact remains that Congress holds the purse strings to fund or defund laws and Congress can make new laws to replace bad ones. Yes, mandatory spending needs to be tackled. Yes, new tax plans need to be tackled, but so does Obamacare. Why did so many Republicans abandon this truth?

The fact remains that this effort to tackle Obamacare by a few brave men did not stifle the negotiations with Democrats. As if… as if the Democrats were going to negotiate. Democrats do not want to negotiate and Democrats do not want to deal with any pertinent issues. Democrats want to spend and tax. Next on Obama’s list is not negotiating on these core issues. Next on Obama’s agenda is immigration. Dealing with the vast array of endangered entitlements is not on his list, and neither is the wrath of Obamacare. The failings of the Affordable Care Act will not be mentioned, acknowledged or negotiated by Obama, period.

A great leader does not allow his ego to usurp the well-being of the American people.


So what happens? The facts don’t matter to Obama. The facts don’t matter to the Democrats. The facts don’t seem to matter to the liberal press. Hide them. Shadow them. Discourage them. Keep the American people in the dark with comprehensive — incomprehensible — bills.

Ted Cruz and his team stood in the light to present the facts, to highlight the facts and to stand by the truth. How disappointing it is that more Republicans didn’t stand by them. Alexander Hamilton wrote in the Federalist that the states, which would be represented in the federal government by the senators, would sound the alarm if the government got out of control. The 17th Amendment stripped the states of this right. Ted Cruz and his team sounded the alarm for the states and for the people of the United States.

A man of great character does not lead by his next election or a man of great character leads by doing what is right.

Abraham Lincoln ring a bell?

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