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Hugh Hewitt at BlogWorld 2010: 'The Blog Revolution Is Over'

Two interviews taken from this past weekend’s BlogWorld and New Media Expo help to place the Blogosphere into context within the sprawling world of new media. First up, recorded on Friday, October 15th, Hugh Hewitt tells PJM’s Ed Driscoll that when he wrote his book Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World, which was published in early 2005:

I did not expect anything of the sort like Twitter. I did expect the Blog revolution to come. I thought it would last longer — it’s over, basically. It has become reabsorbed into larger media platforms, and the byline remains the brand, very much.

Listen to the whole thing, for Hugh’s thoughts on the new media world in which the Blogosphere operates within — as well as his take on the GOP and the November midterms, and beyond.

Ed’s interview with Hugh is followed by his conversation with BlogWorld CEO and founder Rick Calvert, recorded immediately after Blog World concluded the following afternoon. Rick offers his first thoughts on the weekend, and whether or not there will be a Blog World 2011. Thirteen minutes long; click here to listen:


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For much more from BlogWorld, visit its official blog, here.

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