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PJM Political 9/24/08: Veep Wars--Biden's Gaffes, Cybercrimes Against Sarah Palin

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While John McCain may have temporarily suspended operations, PJM Political rolls on, exploring the vice presidential nominees in the news: Joe Biden’s built-in gaffe machine, and the ongoing cyber attacks on Sarah Palin:

  • Recorded live this past weekend in Las Vegas at the Blog World new media exposition, PJM Political host Steve Green interviews frequent PJM contributor Austin Bay about the upcoming new edition of his book, A Quick And Dirty Guide To War.
  • Also at Blog World, pioneering Blog author and veteran talk radio host Hugh Hewitt discusses last week’s tightening poll numbers for John McCain with Ed Driscoll.
  • James Lileks explores the recent cybercrimes perpetrated against Sarah Palin.
  • Jennifer Rubin, Pajamas Media’s DC editor, analyzes a myriad of topics from the campaign trail, and forecasts this Friday’s upcoming first official presidential debate. (Which may or may not still be on as we “go to press.”)
  • And Steve Green explores Joe Biden’s gaffe-o-matic excesses from the start of this week.
  • Produced by Ed Driscoll.

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