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PJM Political 9/17/08: Sex, Lies, and Mucinex

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Fighting a cold and armed with plenty of Mucinex and DayQuil, host Steve Green explores the state of the presidential race. Join his guests:

  • Jennifer Rubin, Pajamas Media’s DC Editor, on Charlie Gibson’s interview with Sarah Palin; and her thoughts on Jill Greenberg, the freelance photographer who shot the cover for the Atlantic’s John McCain interview, then risked a lawsuit from the Atlantic after her comments on the Internet exposed herself as Patient Zero for the burgeoning new condition, McCain Derangement Syndrome.
  • Pajamas CEO Roger L. Simon’s interview with John Ziegler, the producer of the new documentary, Blocking “The Path to 9/11”, and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s role in this ABC ratings smash not being released on DVD.
  • James Lileks on Palinphobic Hollywood.
  • Glenn Reynolds and Dr. Helen Smith of InstaPundit.com, and their interview with Massachusetts tax reduction activist Carla Howell.
  • Steve himself explores the candidates and Wall Street’s financial woes before the show heads for the Delta Quadrant and concludes with a conversational Jeri Ryan cameo!
  • Produced by Ed Driscoll; sponsorship requested from Bristol-Meyers.

Roger’s interview John Ziegler can also be seen on Pajamas’ new PJTV channel.  If you missed any previous episodes of PJM Political, click here and scroll through for hours of audio archives.