The End of Obamerica

At this moment I’m checking out the sites and dailies for the latest news — the fruits of the Arab Spring which, in an article at PJ Media for April 27, 2011, I dubbed a “fundamentalist winter.” The American embassy in Cairo is under siege and the U.S. ambassador and three other staff members have been killed in an assault on the American consulate in Benghazi. The mainstream media, as of this writing, do not seem to have adequately covered this humiliating defeat and repudiation of Obama’s ruinous foreign policy. Naturally, when the liberal press and blogosphere get around to analyzing the motives of the rampaging Muslim mobs, they will spin the events in such a way as to incriminate the innocent: the makers of the film who abused their free speech rights by offending Islam, or Mitt Romney for unpatriotically condemning Obama, or radical Christian evangelicals (as I have just now heard on CBC Radio’s As It Happens). How long they will be able to run interference for the president and resist disclosing him for the bungler — and perhaps the Constitutional defector — that he really is remains moot.

Nevertheless, sometimes bad news is good news — if by “good news” we mean revelations that might conceivably awaken a largely comatose electorate from its political slumber. The liberation that Obama hailed so heartily last year, and which he seemed so eager to endorse and validate, has nakedly revealed its hatred for the United States and its determination to kill Americans. Obama’s priorities and methods have paved the way for the violence and will be unable to contain it; and the disaster of his approach to foreign policy could not be more obvious. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden is unequivocal about this, stating that the protests which resulted in the death of the American ambassador and his colleagues were the result of Obama’s decision to intervene in the Libyan revolt without a “deep appreciation” for what would follow.

There can be little doubt that the America that Obama envisions is one which disparages and shuns its allies — Honduras, Poland, the Czech Republic, Egypt of the recent past, and, most prominently, Israel — while establishing ever closer ties with its overt enemies — Russia, Turkey — and winking at sundry terrorist organizations — Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and local offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood. Even more worrisome, the president’s program of sanctions against the regime of genocidal ayatollahs in Iran is so riddled with waivers and exemptions as to be ineffective and his coddling of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt reveals an administration playing fast and loose with America’s future. Indeed, so palpable is this betrayal of America’s best interests that PJM’s own Zombie, summarizing the Obama administration’s effort to blame the September 11, 2012, siege of the Cairo embassy not on its perpetrators but on a little-heeded amateur film critical of Islam ostensibly produced by Coptic expatriates, concludes: “This time around, our very own government sides with those who attacked us. … Thanks entirely to Obama, our government is now our enemy.”

This will seem to some an extreme or even unbalanced statement devoid of any application to reality. But in the light of the president’s many disturbing actions and decisions on both the domestic and international fronts — whether running up a mammoth debt that threatens to sink the American economy, bypassing Congress, issuing executive orders to suppress required information, suing states intent on sanitizing electoral rolls to eliminate illegal or deceased voters, allegedly contemplating increased regulation of the Internet, putting the weight and influence of the U.S. behind the Islamist takeover of the Muslim Middle East, snubbing the pro-American Israeli prime minister while welcoming the anti-American president of Egypt, among a plethora of such undeniably problematic moves — the sentiment expressed above begins to make considerable sense.

The United States of America is now something alarmingly close to what we might describe as the rogue regime of Obamerica. The “end,” in the acceptation of “purpose,” of this strange new nation appears to be the reversal or erasure of its Republican heritage and its replacement by what Barry Rubin calls a stealth-leftist anti-American substitute. The projected “end” of Obamerica would seem to be nothing less than the material end of America as we have known it throughout its storied history. Its free-market economy is currently in tatters, its competitive edge and productivity blunted by a meretricious “stimulus” and by redistributionist economics, its Triple A credit rating downgraded amid concerns about the government’s budget deficit and rising debt burden, and its unemployment numbers beyond acceptable. Racial and ethnic divisions have been exacerbated by the president’s incendiary rhetoric. Owing to Obama’s policies, America’s network of reliable alliances is in disarray as the program of appeasement and rapprochement with its adversaries grows ever more emphatic. At the same time the power and authority of the erstwhile “leader of the free world” has started demonstrably to wane. And if Obama has his way and is re-elected, he will enjoy, as he confided to former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, even more “flexibility” to pursue his ends.

The looming choice for the U.S. on November 6 of this year is stark and unforgiving. The re-election of Barack Obama will mean the “end,” in its terminal sense, of the America of yore, of the constitutional republic on which the West has grudgingly depended for its defense and prosperity and whose citizens were once the envy of an ungrateful world. An unprecedented experiment in free market economics and individual liberty will have fallen victim to an unscrupulous agenda that intends its demise. Only the end of Obamerica can prevent the nation’s decline. History is about to be made — or unmade. A victory for Obamerica can come only at the expense of America itself, and a heretofore undefeated nation will go down to the first and greatest — and quite possibly lasting — defeat in the chronicle of its tenure.

This is what is at stake and what American voters will soon determine. Will it be Obamerica or will it be America? May they choose wisely.