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The Wretched Conservative Spawn Must Not Return!

In 2008, the United States voted overwhelmingly to leave her wicked ways behind and to embark upon the righteous path toward Europeanisation and away from being “irredeemable barbarians and moral inferiors.” We had our first post-racial, post-partisan president and everything got better. Didn’t it? Of course it did. Only racist fools say otherwise. With President Obama at her helm, America has done only good and never evil. She has adopted multicultural reality rejection enlightenment and striven happily and full of hope toward the light.

Now, sadly, she seems to be reverting inexplicably to her old disgusting ways and heading yet again toward the conservative dark side. It is said that President Obama is a liar, a race card player, a narcissist, a demagogue and worse — that “he has squandered all credibility by his actions to date.” Total lies! We know that he has not lost all credibility; we believe him and unlike some give him the credit he so richly deserves. So what if some DINOs (Democrats in Name Only) don’t admire his great successes? It doesn’t matter; they are envious. They will eventually meet with justice. We need only believe in fairies President Obama, clap our hands, and vote for those trusted public servants who will continue to lead us to fountain of all that’s good, true, and beautiful.

Sure, as Jesse Jackson an expert, a very perceptive hero of working- and middle-class families, correctly told us, conservatives and Republicans (vile politicians all) know only how to lie. Some voters may be stupid enough to give them a few more seats in the Congress this year, but as divine retribution sets in the seas will again rise and temperatures will resume their upward spiral to historic levels accompanied by the most vicious hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes ever. Soon, all of Gaia’s creatures will be gasping for breath. The lying conservatives (please excuse the redundancy) will, of course, claim that there is less unemployment but that will simply be due to millions of dead people — whom they themselves murdered — leaving the unemployment rolls. Shamefully, they may also be deprived of their precious right to vote and even our gallant attorney general may be unable to prevent it due to conservative backstabbing. The future is NOW and we must act to prevent horrible whorish occurrences.

On Halloween, when the dead — including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s favorite living Americans — rise, they absolutely must also vote. Certified witches, such as Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin, so easily mocked on Saturday Night Live, are cute but brainless little girls. They are inferior beings and can’t disenfranchise them. Flying off into rages on their brooms won’t work. Lady Gaga Halloween costumes are very popular, so wear one; that should help. Doesn’t matter whether you are a guy, a gal, or something else; just buy and wear one.

Arianna Huffington, Gaia bless her, has been doing her best, financially, morally and in every other way possible to support our noble cause; we must all chip in. New York is showing the way, and with enough support maybe we can prevent even more violent military scum overseas from voting. It’s a good thing that the Department of Justice is dragging its feet courageously because soon it will be too late for their votes to count. Tough; that’s neither new nor bad. Those military swine know nothing and care less about true democracy; if they actually cared they would gladly cease their killing, desert (all 26,172 of them), come home, and vote like everyone else. They get more than enough special privileges already.

Still, it remains at least possible that there will be an uprising this November of the forces of evil — those Republican “small-town enemies of everybody. They just dislike everyone,” as highly respected Gore Vidal recently put it. Even Sorry George Soros is predicting a Republican avalanche. Fortunately, brilliant Vice President Biden knows better.

Be all of that as it may, more conservatives and other vile examples of depravity rise daily from their dark pits. They all have teabags over their eyes and ears and will continue to do their very worst to engage in massive deception and voter fraud coupled with intimidation to gain majorities in both the Haunted House and Senile Senate. With the unlawful help of wicked corporations and other foreign subversives, self-righteously challenged by President Obama, the conservatives may convince enough angry voters that President Obama is somehow “losing it” or is at least to blame for their current financial difficulties despite the obvious fact that there are already palpable improvements and everything else is totally due to the mendacity and obstructionism of conservatives, corporate special interests, and former President Bush. The answer is quite simple: people do irrational things when they are angry and should not be allowed to vote or even to contribute money to conservative candidates. They should do as dear Nanny demands: sit down, shut up and eat their healthful tofu.

Horrible though a conservative victory would be, we shall nevertheless persevere and overcome because we must — for the children. The Honorable Barney Frank, the Honorable Charles Rangel and others will cheerfully but in their always ethical, brilliant, statesperson-like and post-racial bipartisan ways lead by example toward the holy grail of infinite progress and compassion; soon, we will again have the best Congress money can buy. America is an OK if not yet a great country, and deserves the best. Fairness will be born again and soon the Party of No will become the Party of No Significance.

Should it come to pass that President Obama is so weary and discouraged by his Herculean and unceasing efforts on our behalf that he declines to run for another term as president, other truly great leaders will be needed. In view of the outstanding records of Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi they are the very best. They must run in 2012 and become our president and vice president, or perhaps our co-presidents, in 2013. Support freedom and Daily Kos by dropping massive googlebombs to keep conservative lies obscure. Let the blood and guts flow! Hand-to-hand combat! Encourage the major media in their heroic efforts righteously to keep all lies away from immature minds.

Alas, some few media outlets are momentarily losing their way and reporting this sort of rubbish:

When President Obama sits down for his MTV town hall this Thursday, the audience of young people who will ask him questions will have been gathered by a casting call.

According to the casting call for the event from talent agency Backstage.com, first reported by National Review Online, the company requests applications for the event, asking what issues the person is “passionate about,” requiring a “short description of your political views,” and also asks for a recent photo.

Even our beloved Washington Post spread lies such as this trivial article during the 2008 campaign; although it should have been buried long ago, it reappeared as number one in an October 11, 2010, Post e-mail listing it as the most e-mailed article of the day. For shame!

Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is allowing donors to use largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that could potentially be used to evade limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributor’s identity, campaign officials confirmed.

Faced with a huge influx of donations over the Internet, the campaign has also chosen not to use basic security measures to prevent potentially illegal or anonymous contributions from flowing into its accounts, aides acknowledged. Instead, the campaign is scrutinizing its books for improper donations after the money has been deposited.

The Obama campaign has shattered presidential fundraising records, in part by capitalizing on the ease of online giving. Of the $150 million the senator from Illinois raised in September, nearly $100 million came in over the Internet.

This appeared in the Washington Post on October 11, 2010:

In their latest attempt to distract voters from their job-killing policies, President Obama, his White House and senior Democrats in Congress have added to their long list of bogeymen the outside groups that seek to help elect Republicans in November. They threaten congressional investigations, leak private tax information and level baseless accusations of criminal activity against those who have been public in seeking to defeat Democratic candidates and their liberal agenda. Without a trace of irony, powerful Democratic officeholders lament that many who support these groups wish to remain anonymous.

None of these Democrats expressed concern about such outside spending in 2008, when more than $400 million was spent to help elect Barack Obama, much of it from undisclosed donors. The liberal groups and Democrats who supported the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, which established the legal framework for this new campaign spending, were much faster to adapt to its contours than the Republicans and conservative groups that largely opposed it, and liberal outside groups massively outspent Republicans in the past two election cycles.

Shocking though it is, even the New York Times, our rock of ages, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, sometimes can’t quite get things straight. Now, even CNN may be deserting the path of truth and righteousness with this screed from a senior political contributor:

Every week of this campaign, there has been a new message — and just like your jobs program, it’s not working. And one of the reasons nobody is listening is because what you are saying makes no sense. Americans have been suffering during your entire administration, and before that, with continuing unemployment not seen since the Great Depression.

Oh, I forgot, the recession ended a year ago. And of course every month your team has some gibberish about the jobs picture not being as bad as it looks. How stupid do you think we are? The jobs picture is worse than the monthly statistics and everyone knows it.

It’s so very unfair. No wonder President Obama seems exhausted.

Miscreants such as these, masquerading as members of our once-trusted mainstream media, must be shunned and boycotted. False charges such as “nearly half the people who once considered themselves supporters of President Barack Obama don’t anymore” must be suppressed. Lies (even if true) must not be allowed to prevail; should they be, how will we be able to raise our youth to understand the true wisdom not only of President Obama but also of his valiant supporters and to accept their wisdom uncritically and without reservation? It works so well in the DPRK that it can also work in the United States if we but try. Teach them to oppose the evil of man corporate-made global warming and to understand the vital need for statist top-down solutions for all of the multiple conservative-corporation caused problems. Take an Islamist to lunch this week. The White House reaches out to them and it’s only meet and right that we should do so as well to help atone for all of the bad things we have done to them. Push for Nobel Prizes for the Reverend Wright, Professor Ayers, Osama Bin Laden, Che Guevara, and Hugo Chavez. They deserve them almost as much as did President Obama; as symbols of our enlightened, multicultural ways, they must have them as well.

Of greatest importance, however, we must do more than just clap our hands and vote. We must believe in Tinker Bell President Obama; otherwise, the wicked Captain Hook will win and we will surely lose all truth and beauty in our lives. All that we know on Earth and all that we need to know will vanish. Our lives won’t be worth living! I beg you, in the name of Gaia the most holy, vote against evil incarnate as though our lives depended on it; they do.