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Get Your Campaign Fix on The Grid

The 2014 mid-term elections may be the most important mid-terms in American history. President Barack Obama has used the divided Congress to push policies that are radically transforming the American economy and the citizen’s relationship to the state. He has re-written his unpopular Obamacare law on the fly three dozen times, and continues to re-write immigration law and impose regulations on the economy without congressional approval. Gone is the constitutional principle that Congress, the president and the courts serve as checks on each other’s power. In the Obama era, Democratic control of the United States Senate, plus Republican control of the House, has enabled the president to rule as if there are few constraints on his power at all. Congress is divided and unable to do much about any of the president’s radical actions. When courts rule in Obama’s favor, he touts them as the last word. When courts rule against him, he either denounces them or ignores their rulings. Barack Obama has effectively hacked the Constitution.

The American people are clearly unhappy with the current state of the nation, and the direction in which it is headed. The decision to trade five high-ranking Taliban commanders for one low-ranking American soldier, who is accused of deserting his unit in a time of war, is but the latest Obama move that the American people are rightly questioning. Poll after poll show Obama’s position weakening as the economy stalls and he pushes job-killing policies at home while projecting weakness and indecision abroad. Russia, China and Iran are challenging America’s position in the world, and Obama has no answer for them. Yet he has repeatedly signaled that he will spend the last two years of his presidency continuing to push his damaging and degrading policies.

The American people have the final say on whether Barack Obama and the Democrats will continue down this path during the president’s final two years in power. Today voters in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia go to the polls to pick their party nominees. These voters’ decisions and the elections that follow will impact the shape of the mid-term elections on November 4th. Will the Democrats hold on to the Senate, from which they can enable President Barack Obama during his last two years in office? Or will the Republicans capture the Senate, enabling some measure of accountability as the president continues to push policies that have been blocked by Congress and are not favored by the American people?

With all eyes on the mid-terms, PJ Media is launching The Grid. The Grid will be your one-stop shop to find out all the latest on these crucial elections, along with other news in and beyond politics. PJ Media has put a team of specialist reporters in place in key battleground states. They will be filing reports through Bridget Johnson’s PJ Washington bureau. The Grid itself will be curated by yours truly, and will bring our content together with the best and latest mid-term coverage from networks, blogs, newspapers, television and radio all over the country. From the latest polls to the latest votes to the latest-game changing events, The Grid will have it all. And, we’re presenting the election coverage in a new format that is easy to follow on whatever technology you choose to check it — your computer, your tablet, your phone.

So check out The Grid today, bookmark it, give it a spot on your home screen — and tell us what you think.