Too Delicious to Check: Global Warming Scaremongers Sign Petition Banning Dihydrogen Monoxide

Which is used in the manufacture of all kinds of nasty things, from styrofoam to nuclear power.  And as the poorly miked host notes, it is in fact a major component of acid rain. All true.  People are dying, Senator! So ban it!

It’s also a major component of just plain old rain.  Dihydrogen monoxide’s chemical symbol is H20.  But you probably already knew that.  It’s a pity that people who want to impose their junk science on the rest of us don’t.

This particular video is from the Cancun climate conference, which hopefully will be the last of these travesties against sanity.  ClimateGate seems to have done absolutely nothing to deter these fine transnational progressives from their mission of rendering us all less free and more poor.

Wanna really get these eggheads?  Ask them what they were eating under there.  And then tell them that their epidermis is showing.  Asking them if they have Prince Albert in a can might be fun too.  They fell for global warming, and they fell for the old ban all the water trick, so they’re bound to fall for anything.

Someone with three cards and two play-along shills could make a fortune at the conferences.

(hat tip to Hot Air)