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Rep. John Conyers' Son Takes Government Vehicle Out to Par-Tay, Has Thousands in Property Stolen From It

The Conyers family is just the political gift that keeps on giving, aren’t they?  The latest: John Conyers III, Thanksgiving weekend, a vehicle registered to the government, and a whole lot of concert tickets.

The son of Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., says items were stolen out of the government vehicle he was driving last Wednesday in downtown Detroit, FOX 2’s Simon Shaykhet reports.

John Conyers III, 20, told police two Apple MacBooks, valued at $1,100 apiece, and more than $27,000 worth of concert tickets to the Fillmore were stolen out of a burgundy 2010 Cadillac Escalade registered to the 14th Congressional District.

Hm.  Low-end MacBooks and 27 large in concert tickets for one specific venue?  There is undoubtedly a whole lot more to how those items ended up getting stolen from a $70k car, while the car itself wasn’t stolen at all.  I’m thinking that the thieves weren’t intimidated by the fact that the Escalade is a GOV (government owned vehicle).  So why didn’t they take it?

I don’t have an answer or even a good guess at this point.  It’s just..weird.

It’s also weird that Conyers has a GOV that he wheels around town in.  We’re not talking Washington, D.C., here, we’re talking Detroit.  Conyers’ home district.  You’d think that a man who makes $170,000 per year can afford to pay for his own wheels.

Oh, but I forgot.  This is a Conyers we’re talking about here.  As in the husband of Monica Conyers, who called one of her colleagues on the Detroit city council “Shrek” during a city meeting (subsequently losing a debate with 8th graders about that incident), and who is currently serving prison time for bribery.  So ok, abusing the public trust in flashy and flagrant ways fit the family.

So there’s no reason to wonder a) why Conyers has a GOV in his home district, or b) why Conyers III was out in that GOV for a night of whatever it was he was up to.  In all likelihood, this wasn’t the first time he’d taken the car out for private purposes.  It was just the first time that doing so resulted in a police report.

Still, I ponder: How’d he get ahold of $27,000 in concert tickets to the Fillmore, why was he driving around town with them, and why did the thieves steal those but not the much more valuable car they were in?

And yeah, I’m curious about what was on those MacBooks too.

Something here doesn’t add up.