PJM/PJTV Exclusive: An Interview with One of ObamaCare's Strongest Foes (Updated)

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has distinguished himself as one of conservatism’s staunchest defenders.  During his tenure as AG, Abbott has defended Texans’ 2nd Amendment rights, he has taken on the Obama Environmental Protection Agency’s CO2 overreach, he has consistently defended state sovereignty, and he has sought to protect Texans from the lawlessness on the borders.  In March 2010, he joined Texas to the cause of overturning ObamaCare in court. Abbott and other state AGs attacked ObamaCare’s constitutionality, zeroing in on the individual mandate.

On Wednesday, I caught up with the attorney general and asked him where we are on the ObamaCare lawsuit.  I also asked him about the Falcon Lake murder, which he has been following closely, and about his expectations for November 2.

Update: The AG also commented on a dangerous situation on the Texas-Mexico border that I hadn’t heard about until he brought it up.  Now, here’s a story about it, courtesy of a Facebook friend of mine who lives near the border.  The Mexican military and one of the powerful drug cartels had an extended gun battle just over the border around Nuevo Laredo, a battle so widespread that it reportedly forced the shutdown of a major highway:

According to reports coming out of Mexico the battle was between the gulf cartel and the Mexican military following grenade attacks that happened simultaneously in Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Matamoros and Hermosa. The fighting started in the Colonia Concordia and moved north with the cartels using public buses as barricades on the streets. Drug traffickers blocked off at least one intersection so the city stopped all public transportation and officials were warning citizens to stay indoors.

Like I said, I hadn’t heard about any of this until AG Abbott mentioned it.  And check out this, from the end of the same story:

With all the violence happening in Nuevo Laredo we’ve received word that CBP agents seized 13 weapons and more than 13 hundred rounds of ammunition going into Mexico yesterday. The incident happened at bridge number two, when a CBP officer asked a 58-year-old Mexican citizen driving an Isuzu trooper to go to secondary inspection. Agents discovered a cache of weapons, ammunition and related gear hidden within the trooper. Some of the items included a 50 caliber riffle, a 458 caliber rifle, 10 pistols of varying calibers, more than 13 hundred rounds of ammo and a scope. CBP officers turned the driver over to u.s. immigration and customs enforcement for further investigation.