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The Far Left On the Cusp of Total Success

Academia in the United States has long been dominated by the left, creating “free speech codes” on campuses that only protect the kind of speech with which they agree.

They control the clear majority of news outlets in this country — a situation that began during the Vietnam War. They own the environmental movement, set the curriculum in public education, and have successfully fought to alienate “certain inalienable rights” enumerated by our Founding Fathers.

And if all this isn’t enough, they currently control the House, the Senate, and the White House, which means they’re positioned to use the government’s leverage to raise new taxes, nationalize our health care system, and dismantle our military. Yes, much to the chagrin of conservatives, President Obama is leading a Democrat Party that is reaping the benefits from a series of successful, measured assaults against this country and the rights of its citizens.

While much of what passes as “hope” or “change” today is rooted in the nearly half-century old counterculture movement of the 1960s, some of it actually goes back as far as the Progressive Era of 1900 to 1920 — the era that intimated that man was intrinsically good and would, if properly educated (and subsidized), find practices like war and crime abominable. Although a small number of American Europhiles had already bought into the “enlightened” choice of humanism over Christianity during the latter part of the 1800s, the progressives broadened its appeal and widened its acceptance. In short, reason was king.

Then came Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, who believed the U.S. Constitution was “deeply flawed” and required ongoing modifications to keep up with the times. During his two terms in office alone, 1912 to 1920, the United States adopted a federal income tax and changed the Constitution to allow the direct election of senators. This meant the citizenry could directly elect those with the newly found power to use taxation to transfer money from the rich to the not so rich. Thereafter, the groundwork was in place for a move from our Founders’ Republic to our masters’ democracy.

As government expanded further under Wilson, the reach of Washington, D.C., extended into places where it had not gone before. In a precursor to the current smoking and trans-fat bans sweeping through our nation, Prohibition was passed, outlawing the manufacture and sale of all alcohol. The government that could limit income through taxation was proving it could also limit beverage choices — for the good of the public, of course.

The gap between the Progressive Era and the 1960s was bridged by people like Margaret Sanger and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Sanger gave us Planned Parenthood to speed up the move toward enlightenment by getting rid of the unwanted members of society, and Roosevelt gave us a government that dwarfed Wilson’s to such a degree that its shadow still covers us today.

In 1947 the left received a decisive victory from the Supreme Court in Everson vs. Board of Education, when Justice Hugo Black and company somehow discovered the separation of church and state in the Constitution a full 160 years after the document had been written.

With the 1960s came not only the promise of “free love” but also Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s promise of a free lunch through his push for a Great Society. The most expensive war in our nation’s history, the War on Poverty, was launched and has since been used as a justification for the pursuit of the redistribution of wealth by every Democrat president since Johnson.

The late 1960s and early 70s witnessed the rise of  radicals like  Tom Hayden and Bill Ayers. They sided with our enemy in the Vietnam War, and Ayers openly warred against the U.S. with homemade bombs. And while comrades like Hayden and Ayers were spitting on our troops and carrying on like terrorists, a myriad of other Leftists began entrenching themselves in academia. The goal of these academicians was to push for a multicultural society capable of supporting the left’s socialistic, mono-cultural dream at some future date.

In 1973 alone, the left succeeded in striking a deadly blow against the traditional family via Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that nationalized abortion and legalized today’s ubiquitous practice of abortion on demand.

During the 1980s, the left ratcheted up their anti-American efforts in education by replacing courses grounded in Western civilization with others based on a world history perspective. This tactic drew the ire of William Bennett and Lynn Cheney, both of whom argued that “the core of the American college curriculum — its heart and soul — should be the civilization of the West.” And Allan Bloom, author The Closing of the American Mind, reacted by pointing out that “feminists and leftists” were dead-set on “infusing into undergraduate education a cultural relativism” aimed at destroying the West’s rich intellectual heritage.

But the left kept rolling and now enjoy the fact that their posterity holds tenured positions at universities around the country. They hold political offices, lucrative journalistic positions, and public policy posts. In the tradition of Hayden and Ayers, many of them also take part in environmental activism and anti-war protests.

And all these past successes aside, the left may just now be poised to accomplish their greatest feats. For they have one of their own in the White House. He’s a real flesh and blood radical who has far more in common with Margaret Sanger and Bill Ayers than with George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.