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Ari David for Congress: Defeat Waxman!

Henry Waxman has staked his reputation on anthropogenic global warming — he is as convinced as an orthodox adherent to religion that global warming/climate change is human-caused.

To combat what he sees as imminent disaster for all mankind, Waxman authored the cap and trade bill that was passed by the House last year. Officially titled the “American Clean Energy and Security Act,” the law intends to reduce American carbon emissions by theoretically “capping” the amount of CO2 emitted by an entity and establishing carbon credits for the right to emit more.

The real life implications of such a plan — in which every citizen of the country would be subject to the restrictive scrutiny of the federal government — is more chilling than anything that sprang from Orwell’s fantasy or the reality of the Soviet Union.

Imagine the government dictating the temperature of your thermostat. Imagine if the elderly or infirm had the heat turned off in the winter or the air conditioning in the summer, for the sake of the planet, and a death resulted.

In America, we have freedom to travel as we wish. Cap and trade laws would threaten that. If you are issued finite carbon credits but use them up and cannot afford to pay for exceeding the limit, you will situationally lose your freedom of movement. Suppose you travel heavily for your work, and were issued a set of credits for your airplane travel. It’s just the right allotment for you — until you unexpectedly have a dear relative pass away, and cannot afford the penalty to take the trip you otherwise could handle.

This attitude, this concept that a person can be granted the power to dictate how another human sees fit to spend his property, is so callous and awful it boggles the mind. Any way you look at it, it is an un-American mindset to demote freedom to be less than our highest value. A government that can tell you when and where you may move, or how warm or cold your property may be, is just a political, situational whim away from dictating what and how to do anything else in your life.

Henry Waxman is the leading “expert” in Congress on the climate change/global warming issue. He claims to have studied the issue for many years, and he says that his solutions to the problems he claims to exist are well thought out and realistic. Waxman claims he has been given ample evidence to support the idea of imminent man-caused climate disaster, and when asked about the evidence he is quoted extensively as saying he trusts the scientists and that the debate is clearly over.

Here’s the problem: With the whistleblower’s release of the emails from East Anglia’s University’s Climate Research Unit, there is definitive proof that the scientists at the forefront of climate research science have been engaging in outright fraud to cover up inconvenient facts, and that these same scientists manipulated the data to come to the conclusions that people like Henry Waxman and Al Gore wanted from them. Trillions of dollars and unimaginable political power hang in the balance over this data, but it turns out there is no data. Michael Mann, Phil Jones, and others have clearly spurred a hysteria, and given Henry Waxman and Al Gore all the rationale they need to force unconstitutional legislation down America’s throat.

If cap and trade became law in America, Waxman would literally have the power of life and death over Americans by having a hand in the selection of what bureaucrats would implement the specific rules and regulations that cap and trade laws would bring. Gore would make out like a bandit, and huge polluters like General Electric would stand to profit by being the leading manufacturer of phony “green” products — and by being able to afford the regulatory penalty costs that would drive smaller competitors out of the business of power generation and delivery.

Cap and trade laws would lead to rationing of all of our energy supplies, the government just turning out our lights and heat by fiat. Don’t laugh; this is what they have planned.

I hold special scorn for Waxman in regards to this issue. If he is, as he claims, the leading congressional expert on climate-related issues, you would assume he would be very well informed about the Climategate developments. If he had any integrity or knowledge of scientific practice, he would understand the severity of the flaws in the science and immediately call for a halt to his cap and trade bill. He would eventually recognize the need to apologize to everyone for sponsoring the bill, wasting our time, and fanning the hysteria.

Instead, Waxman went to the Copenhagen climate summit after the email scandal broke, and maintained his position that global warming is real and the data from the UN climate team is sound. Only a man whose power depends on such things would take such a clearly fraudulent and flawed position.

He only truly cares about how cap and trade reflects on him and his career.


Over the course of his great life, Ronald Reagan espoused the most brilliant political philosophies of freedom and liberty. As president he defeated the Soviet Union, brought down the Berlin Wall, and freed more people from tyranny and oppression than any other human being in the history of mankind. There is a strong case to be made that he was the greatest doer of good in the history of the world.

Reagan believed unwaveringly in American exceptionalism and the promotion of individual liberty.

Now is our chance to reignite the spirit of freedom that Reagan believed in and which changed the world forever.

February 6 is Ronald Reagan’s 99th birthday. I can think of no better way to celebrate the giant of the conservative movement than to remember him and his magnificent life by supporting congressional candidates for 2010 that embody his ideals. I am a 9-12 candidate, a tea party candidate, a conservative Republican candidate, and above all, a candidate of the people!

I am running for office to replace Henry Waxman, who embodies everything wrong with our political system’s corruption and the Democrat Party’s lust for absolute power. Taxes are too high, government has grown too large, and we must always maintain a strong national defense.

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Please make your contribution now, RSVP for this event, pass this on to friends, and help make American history again!

May God bless you and help us take our country back.

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