RFK Jr. to Run as an Independent

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It is finally really happening, it seems.

The Democrats have dug their own grave by forcing the only true populist candidate on their ticket out of the primary and into direct competition with incumbent Joe Biden (or whichever puppet they replace the current puppet with) in the general election.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been threatening — due to maltreatment from his own party, including being viciously smeared with every pejorative under the sun — to vacate the Democrat Party plantation and plot his own third-party run as an independent.

Here’s what he said a couple of weeks ago during a Forbes interview:

If the DNC is gonna make it, is gonna rig it so that it is simply impossible for anybody to challenge President Biden, and you know I need to look at other alternatives. Because I can’t go back to the people who support me, to my donors, and say you know, I’m just going to, I’m just in this to make a point. I need to show them a road to victory.

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The DNC apparently made no attempt to soothe the tensions in the interim period. Accordingly, it now seems that RFK Jr. has made good on his threats.

Via Mediaite (emphasis added):

2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. plans to announce he will run as an independent on October 9 in Pennsylvania, Mediaite has learned.

Kennedy’s campaign machine is now planning “attack ads” against the Democratic National Committee in order to “pave the way” for his announcement in Philadelphia about running as an independent, according to a text reviewed by Mediaite.

“Bobby feels that the DNC is changing the rules to exclude his candidacy so an independent run is the only way to go,” a Kennedy campaign insider told Mediaite.

Kennedy, a notorious anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist challenging incumbent President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, has been flirting with a third party run in recent weeks. The New York Times reported last week that he met with the chair of the Libertarian Party, raising the prospect of a departure from the party that decades ago became synonymous with his family name.

Kennedy remains far behind Biden in the polls. Yet while the Times reported “Democrats worry that a third-party run by Mr. Kennedy could draw votes away from Mr. Biden and help elect former President Donald J. Trump,” it’s unclear whether such a run would hurt the current president more than the Republican nominee.


“Worry” is likely an understatement. While the cope in public will be that the party is better off without RFK Jr. and that he’ll pull perhaps more from Trump’s support than Brandon’s, neither of these claims is true in reality. Democrat voters, who are given no real option besides Brandon at the moment and are constantly mocked by party apparatchiks that they have no other choice, will take their support elsewhere in 2024.

If RFK Jr. goes through with his plans, and he’s not suicided Epstein-style in the process, this will very probably be the death knell for Brandon’s re-election prospects, which were on thin ice as it was.



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