WATCH: Vivek Unveils Blueprint to Shut Down the 'Administrative State'

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Lots of politicians in the “domestic terrorist” wing, as it were, of the Republican Party have nominally adopted the Trump #DraintheSwamp/Bannon “dismantle the administrative state” platform.


Most on the national stage are lamentably short on details, with the exception of Vivek Ramaswamy, who got into the weeds of what he pledges to do to the federal bureaucracy were he elected president.

Via Washington Examiner (emphasis added):

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy proposed cutting 75% of the federal workforce in a speech Wednesday aimed at shutting down what he called the “administrative state.”

“The people who we elect to run the government ought to be the ones who actually run the government – not the managerial bureaucracy in three-letter government agencies,” he said during a speech at the America First Policy Institute in Washington D.C.

Ramaswamy said he would reduce the federal workforce by 75% by the end of his first term if elected president. He said 50% of those cuts could be made in his first year…

Ramaswamy said he would shutter the FBI; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the U.S. Department of Education; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; and the Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Services.

This kind of talk, of course, is what makes Ramaswamy so despised by the corporate state media, who have viciously attacked him since his objectively good (whatever one thinks of the substance or lack thereof of his rhetoric) debate performance amid a sea of RINO hacks destined to go nowhere in the polls.


Arguably, the only two other candidates more maligned than Ramaswamy are RFK Jr. and Trump.

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The problem here, which strains credulity in my view, is that Ramaswamy has only just recently discovered his conservative, anti-government bona fides.

Stephen Green covered for PJ Media that his company, Datavant proposed colluding with NIH in 2020 to “fight covid-19” by way of a “single repository of all the real-world medical data” — in other words, a centralized database of American’s private medical records to be shared with God-knows-who for God-knows-what purpose.

In 2021, he was named a World Economic Forum “Young Global Leader” in apparent appreciation of his biotech work in service of the biomedical state — an award he seemingly had no serious issue with until he sued the organization in April 2023 to revoke it. If he had such a principled objection, why would he have waited so long to dispute it?


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