RFK Jr. Files Free Speech Lawsuit Against Google

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In all objectivity, between Trump and RFK Jr., it’s a toss-up who is more censored (and hated) by the corporate state and its media.

The House of Representatives Minority Leader, Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), for instance, recently called RFK Jr. himself a literal “false flag,” implying that he was cloned in a clandestine Russian lab for a right-wing coup or whatever.


This is like the Steele Dossier (the now-discredited Clinton-financed smear job on Trump) on steroids.

According to his own account, which will hopefully be faithfully vetted in court, RFK Jr. also has earned the distinction of being one of the very first individuals whom Joe Biden targeted for censorship when he took office in 2021. We know, based on Twitter Files reporting, that multiple members of the Brandon administration were heavily involved in directing censorship of sock puppet social media companies.

And now RFK Jr. is suing YouTube and Google on the grounds that they functioned as “state actors” when they censored on behalf of the state — a patently and obviously true claim that, at this point, is a truism. Everyone paying attention knows the government uses Twitter, Facebook, et al. to suppress speech it wants to suppress but can’t directly do itself due to the Constitution. In most cases, an explicit request or threat isn’t even necessary because all of the players in this little melodrama know how the game is played and what information the state might find distasteful were it allowed to marinate in the public sphere.

Via Independent (UK):

Robert F Kennedy has claimed his anti-vaxx interviews are being censored by YouTube and Google in a new lawsuit which accuses the big tech behemoths of being “state actors”.

The presidential candidate filed a 27-page complaint in California on Wednesday alleging the sites had caved to pressure to “silence” him by the federal government and his Democratic primary rival President Joe Biden.

Mr Kennedy’s lawyers alleged in the court filing that his misinformation about Covid vaccines was being censored through “overt and covert” means.

“Under these circumstances, YouTube is a state actor and it violated Mr Kennedy’s First Amendment rights by engaging in viewpoint discrimination” [the suit states].


“Kennedy alleges that Google worked with the federal government to develop and enforce ‘misinformation’ policies to censor the government’s political opponents, including Kennedy, who is running against President Biden in the Democratic primary. Such actions violate the First Amendment when, as here, they result from a public-private partnership that relies on government sources,” reads the release on Kennedy’s campaign site.


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