Biden Administration's Token Transgender Declares 'Summer of Pride'

If you’ve been paying attention, you already knew that one solitary month of LGBTQ+++™ Pride pandering to the transgenders would never be sufficient to placate the social engineers.


The Brandon entity’s pet transgender, Dr. Rachel Levine, has confirmed such suspicions through official HHS social media. He should obviously be taken seriously because he’s wearing a sailor costume festooned with lots and lots of official-looking trinkets.

Via Washington Times:

This year’s Pride Month has been rougher than most for Bud Light, Target and the Los Angeles Dodgers, but Adm. Rachel Levine wants the LGBTQ celebration to last the entire summer.

Adm. Levine, the Biden administration’s assistant secretary for health and first transgender official to win Senate confirmation, announced that this is the “Summer of Pride” in a video posted last week on the Health and Human Services Department’s Instagram account.

“Happy Pride Month. And actually, let’s declare it a Summer of Pride,” said the transgender official, who is an admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service.

“Happy Summer of Pride. It’s so important to have pride as a celebration for our LGBTQI+ community and to recognize how far we have come, but also how much work we have left to do,” she said.

The department is on board.


Similarly, in the service of the same narrative, Levine tweeted on June 21:

Today officially marks the 1st Day of Summer. All summer long we will be celebrating the “Summer of Pride.” I see it as an opportunity for change in our communities, states&nation. It will take us all, but together we can create a wave of change. Let the “Summer of Pride” begin!

#Pride is hope. Let’s take the opportunity to educate others on equity, address misinformation&share our stories to foster change. I am officially kicking off #SummerOfPride w/a chat w/musician & LGBTQI+ advocate.

None of this nonsense from Levine should come as a surprise. He is also on the record prevaricating about chemical castration for children under questioning from Sen. Rand Paul, as I previously reported elsewhere, for which Paul was smeared by the corporate state media as a disseminator of something called “transphobic misinformation.”


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Note, as well, how “equality” has been slyly and universally replaced in government jargon with “equity.” These terms are not interchangeable. Whereas “equality” means equal treatment under the law regardless of immutable characteristics such as sex or race, “equity” is explicitly discriminatory against unfavored classes — in the current political climate, those being whites, Christians, heterosexuals, and men (exceptions made for “trans men” who are special and worthy beneficiaries of “equity” policies).


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