WATCH: Delusional Gov. Chris Sununu Declares Trump 'Is Not Going to Be the Nominee' on 'The View'

(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm, File)

A bloated blowhard with delusional aspirations for the presidency appeared alongside the menopausal women of The View to offer his standard Bush-era Republican talking points to the reflexive applause of the liberal audience.


Who died and made this guy king?

Listen, Jack: politicians don’t determine who the nominee is going to be. In theory, at least, that’s the primary voters’ job.

In the interview, Sununu claimed the MAGA voter base doesn’t matter in the primary, that Donald Trump is “playing the victim card” by being politically persecuted with rape allegations from the 1990s, and that he’d “love to debate that guy” in the primary.

These middle-of-the-road, donor-serving RINOs — like Sununu, Liz Cheney, Lindsey Graham, et al. — no longer have any clout with the base. They are relics of the 1990s neoliberal way of doing business. Trump smashed that paradigm to pieces as he steamrolled a veritable army of Sununu trolls in the 2016 primary season. They’re done.

Yet, because they retain the support of the donor class — the weapons contractors, the multinational bankers, the pharmaceutical industry — they are artificially propped up in corporate state media as viable candidates. This is a mirage.

Sununu also recently appeared for a friendly interview with the Deep State puppet posing as a “journalist” Jen Psaki on state media outlet MSNBC.

In it, he argued that the best way to go after Trump from within the GOP is to frame him as a “loser.”

Sununu, in fact, is the loser who’s going to lose epically if and when he jumps into the primary race. I’ll call it now: at no point, even with fawning corporate state media coverage, will he break 5% in the primary polls. He’d actually be lucky to get that much support. In all likelihood, he won’t crack 2%.


Then he’ll retreat into obscurity to be trotted out at his donor-owners’ pleasure to shill for whatever fashionable political project they embark on next.

We might actually get a Sununu-Trump debate and see if he lives up to all his tough-guy talk. Per CNN, Sununu is contemplating a 2024 run:

GOP Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire said Sunday he is considering a White House bid in 2024, citing the Granite State’s “live free or die” spirit as a model for the Republican Party.

“Yes,” Sununu said when asked by CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” whether he was considering a presidential run.

“I really don’t have a timeline. I’m spending a lot of time naturally trying to grow the party as Republicans, talk to independents, talk to the next generation of potential Republican voters that right now no one is really reaching out to,” he said.


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