WATCH: 'Bike Karen' Race-Hoaxers Flee Like Hunted Rats to Avoid Lawsuit

YouTube / Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

Internet purveyors of Social Justice™ race hate recently went hog-wild over an alleged pregnant physician’s assistant’s theft of a city e-bike from innocent urban youths.


The main antagonist, The Young Turks’ Rashad Richey, blasted the woman’s name and her place of employment onto the web and explicitly called for her firing. He even put the CEO of her hospital on screen and appealed directly to him to dispose of her in his segment, which he titled, “Karen Weaponizes White Tears To Hijack Black Man’s E-Bike.”

Being the cowardly organization that it is, NYC Health + Hospitals suspended its employee before apparently bothering to look into the case at all. White people targeted by online racialized mobs, after all, don’t deserve the benefit of due process.

The issue for the race-baiter is that the entire hoax was fabricated. The physician’s assistant, Sarah Comrie, through her attorney, provided receipts proving she had purchased the bike.

And now she’s suing everyone who defamed her.

Via Mediaite:

The attorney for a pregnant nurse seen on video fighting over a Citi Bike before bursting into tears plans to sue “every organization that referred to her as a Karen, a racist, and a thief.”

Sarah Comrie, a physician’s assistant, “got off a 12-hour shift at Bellevue Hospital and she tried to go home,” Marino explained. “She went to a vacant bike where no one was touching, no one was on. She mounted the bike, she paid for the bike. She ended up actually pulling back off the docking station, and then around that time these individuals were claiming that was their bike. Someone pushed the bike while she was on it back into the docking station, so it locked again, and that’s where the rest of the video picks up.


Richey’s original defamatory video was quietly scrubbed from the archives a few days after upload — unfortunately for Comrie — after the damage had been done.

Presumably under advisement from his lawyers, Richey recently uploaded an “apology” video to clarify his defamatory statements, and it’s a doozy.

Note the dramatic tone differential between the initial video and the “apology” video, including how much more circumspect Richey magically became in the meantime.

Also note the very intentional use of the passive phrase: “The original reporting was taken down…” No, Rashad Richey took the video down because it is direct evidence of his defamation.

The guilty and their lawyers always use the passive tense to downplay their own culpability in a crime.

“I want everyone to know that my advocacy was not in bad faith,” Richey explains.

Oh, but it very much was in bad faith. And Comrie is going to have her day in court to prove it. No volume of mealy-mouthed, lawyer-written “apology” meant only to minimize his culpability is going to prevent Richey from getting his due.


Richey has apparently learned nothing from his race-baiting; after all, racial agitation is his entire business model. He has continued to upload salacious, out-of-context videos allegedly depicting white racists since he defamed Comrie.


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