Trump Rape Accuser's DERANGED Rachel Maddow Interview

I could never have imagined anyone could look so ecstatic talking about getting raped.

E. Jean Carroll, the recent recipient of a jury award for an alleged sexual assault that occurred 27 years ago, appeared for an MSNBC interview with Rachael Maddow.


She was on Cloud 9, smiling ear to ear.

“When the verdict came… it was the happiest day of my life!” Carroll exclaims. “We were so proud to see democracy actually work. So to put that on top of our happiness… it was thrilling. I could feel it in my very bones… When you went through [the ruling] again, I was again thrilled!”

What Democracy™ has to do with a civil rape case is anyone’s guess, but somehow that’s the least unhinged statement Carroll made throughout the whole interview.

This is really sick stuff.

The visual aesthetic was as if Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker had been boosted with a little extra pharmaceutical pep in his step. I halfway expected Carroll to go postal mid-interview and shoot up the whole studio.

You can see Rachel Maddow try to adjust the tone about halfway through the interview, perhaps sensing how her guest was portraying herself. Maddow prompts her to share how traumatized she was by the whole trial, so as to portray her more sympathetically to the MSNBC host’s menopausal audience.

It didn’t take. Carroll was all maniacal smiles.


This is the same woman who previously described rape as “sexy” to a totally disconcerted Anderson Cooper, before making the homosexual man even more uncomfortable by flirtingly informing him that he was “fascinating” to talk to.

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Carroll’s lawyer, seated beside her for emotional support or whatever (actually probably just because she’s a publicity-hungry #MeToo litigator), threatened to sue Trump again for defamation following his CNN town hall event.

“The exact same things the jury held him liable for the day before, he did again the next day on national television. Is that just the way it has to be? Do you think that potentially could be actionable? If you were to file another suit, would it work the same way?” Maddow prompted.


“So, it’s definitely actionable. And, here, the cruelty will make him less wealthy. He’s not going to get away with it another time. They’re — it’s unprecedented for a person to have been held liable in defamation to keep doing the defamation. So there are not a lot of cases that we can look to for a playbook about how to do it. But, suffice to say, I have a lot of lawyers who are very busy looking into this, and we are weighing all of our options,” the lawyer replied.

Threats to sue Trump for rape are like catnip to these people. It’s a whole sub-genre of erotica.


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