On 'Wokefishing', The Social Justice™ Left Hivemind, and Internet Dating

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No subculture in America and perhaps in the world demands more performative obedience to its dictates than the Social Justice™ left.

Social Justice™ identity supersedes all others so that when you encounter one of these people, you know within thirty seconds the social/political tribe they belong to both because they explicitly tell you and because they are sure to be festooned with the physical trappings of their cult — a mask, neon hair dye, etc.

“It’s not so bad being trendy; everyone who looks like me is my friend,” as Reel Big Fish noted.


On social media, where they punch you in the face with their Pride™ flags, BLM fists, vaccine syringes, and Ukraine flags right in their bio, their religious affiliation is even more immediately obvious. They’ll usually throw in their pronouns and a picture of one of their many cats for good measure.

Exhibit A:


Subtlety is not the language of the Left.

Via Forbes:

Social awareness and progressivism have become increasingly important for many people, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Unfortunately, some choose to exploit this trend by pretending to be more socially conscious and “woke” than they actually are in a bid to attract partners. This is known as “wokefishing.”

It’s pretty obvious, at least to me, that the rainbow-washing the multinational corporate state does by sponsoring Pride Month™ every year is purely performative, both to attract Blackrock-type investors with their ESG metrics and to pander to a sizable contingent of the public that’s so totally mesmerized by everything LGBTQ+++™ that it’s willing to forego its previously sworn opposition to corporate rule.

But one of the recurring questions about the Social Justice™ rank-and-file membership is: do they really mean it, or is it all performative as well?

The answer might be both. They believe it — and they broadcast their belief at all times — because they have to in order to avoid excommunication from their extremely dogmatic, insular in-group.

It’s very tribal, very reptilian-brained, ironically, for a group that sneeringly condescends to everyone else about its high-mindedness from its moral high horse.

So what are the three telltale signs of “wokefishing” that Forbes wants members of the cult to look out for?

  1. “They seem to agree with you on every aspect of every issue you are passionate about.” This is just total nonsense. Social Justice™ ideology, again, demands unquestioning obedience to the official narrative. All of these people agree with the conventional wisdom all the time. If that’s the standard, then they are all guilty of “wokefishing.” “You want to look for someone with whom you can have productive discussions that help you explore different (and unique) perspectives on the issues you care about,” Forbes claims in its explanation of this first warning sign. Unfortunately, the Social Justice™ left leaves no room for productive discussions because it doesn’t believe in discourse as a means of fleshing out thorny ideological dilemmas; it believes in hivemind narrative control.
  2. “They seem to only have a superficial understanding of the issues they claim to care about.” Because there is no room for nuanced exploration of the tenets of the faith, and because people are generally intellectually uncurious, almost no one in the Social Justice™ cult will have anything more than a superficial understanding of their convictions.
  3. “They are obsessed with their social media presence and are inconsistent with their opinions.” They are only inconsistent with their opinions insofar as the official narrative shifts regularly, and they shift their opinions with it. And most everyone, Social Justice™ freak or not, is obsessed with their social media presence these days — especially in the typical dating age range. Narcissism is a universal sickness.

The problem with all of these “warning signs” of “wokefishing” is that they apply to virtually everyone in the Social Justice™ cult, so if they’re going to disqualify an individual on a dating app, there won’t be anyone left to date.


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