'Brides Today' Features Hairy 'Transfeminine' Man in Ultra-Cringe Cover Story

The social engineers in the West hellbent on exporting their LGBTQ+++™ social engineering project to the rest of the world won a huge victory recently as a man with a full chest of hair, adorned in vaguely ethnic garb, graced the digital cover of Brides Today, an English-language Indian publication on all things (un)holy matrimony.

Image: Brides Today

Stunning and brave.

Via Brides Today:

In conversation with Brides Today, gender nonconforming and transfeminine author, performance artist, poet, and comedian Alok Vaid-Menon—who performs under the moniker ALOK—makes a compelling case for ‘love is love’.

Brides Today: You look absolutely fabulous in these photographs… Tell us how you style Indianwear.

ALOK: “In the US-Indian diaspora, we’re only expected to wear Indian ensembles for community events such as weddings and holidays—however, I like donning Indian outfits across occasions. Indianwear is elegant, vibrant, and timeless…why would we deny the world its beauty? Sometimes, I combine Indianwear with ‘western’ clothing; styling a lehenga with a button-down shirt, jhumkas with a cocktail dress, and so on. That’s the fun in fashion: its playfulness, its hybridity.”

Despite the ethnic get-up, according to his biography, ALOK (who capitalizes his name, presumably, to highlight his unchecked narcissism) is culturally not Indian at all, but very much a cosmopolitan product of Western liberalism:

ALOK (they/them) is an internationally acclaimed author, poet, comedian, and public speaker. As a mixed-media artist their work explores themes of trauma, belonging, and the human condition. They are the author of Femme in Public (2017), Beyond the Gender Binary (2020), and Your Wound/My Garden (2021) and the creator of #DeGenderFashion: an initiative to degender fashion and beauty industries. In recognition of their work, they have been honored as the inaugural LGBTQ Scholar in Residence at the University of Pennsylvania and awarded a GLAAD Media Award and Stonewall Foundation Visionary Award.


This is the thing: reading the profile in Brides Today, it becomes very clear very quickly that, were ALOK not into playing dress-up as a fully-grown man — juxtaposing the delicate feminine aesthetic with a veritable forest of testosterone-mediated body hair from head to toe, sure to jar even the most hardened veteran of the Culture War — then he would be a totally unremarkable man in his 30s.

His drag persona is literally his entire identity.

Why, then, with such an example of popularity gained so cheaply by simply assuming the aesthetics of the opposite sex while repeating basic Social Justice™ talking points, would we expect any awkward adolescent in desperate need of positive social reinforcement not to transition themselves?

The incentives are all there.


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