RFK Jr.: 'Every Totalitarian Regime in the History of Mankind' Has Sought 'Total Control'

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“It’s been the dream ambition of every totalitarian regime in the history of mankind to exert total control over every aspect of human behavior,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explained in a recent sit-down interview.


The difference between other historical examples and the kind of WEF technocratic totalitarianism we face now, he explains, is the disparity in technological capacity to exert total social control.

This analysis is 100% pure veritas.

RFK Jr. is in possession of an exceedingly rare combination of traits for a politician: deep insight into how American politics work and an equally deep moral character to match.

He is the real deal, in my estimation. It doesn’t matter at all to me that he’s a nominal Democrat because he’s unlike any other mainstream Democrat that I have seen in recent memory, except for perhaps Dennis Kucinich (driven out of the party for not going along with its warmongering and catering to Wall Street).

Roger Stone has recently floated a Trump-RFK ticket for the GOP nomination. While titillating, the problem with this proposition is the disparate positions between the two men on the COVID-19 so-called vaccine.

RFK Jr. has been outspoken since before the rollout of the shots in his criticism of the rushed trial process and the obvious collusion between Pfizer, Moderna, and the regulatory agencies tasked with overseeing them.

Trump, on the other hand, not only spearheaded Operation Warpspeed, which delivered the shots to market in less than a year when the average testing period for new vaccines has always been 10-15 years; he also publicly bragged about his alleged accomplishment over and over and over, as late as last year, before he finally stopped talking about it altogether because of the political damage he was doing to himself.


Yes, the Deep State hates Trump because, unlike nearly every major political figure from either party, he is both beyond the control of the power structure and immensely popular with a large swathe of the electorate. He is therefore a potential asset to the populist movement.

However, Trump is not a visionary leader. He’s mostly a narcissistic self-dealer with an extraordinary flair for guerrilla marketing. He’s a showman above all with, ironically, better political instincts than most Swamp creatures who’ve spent their whole careers practicing their best impression of a likable, relatable real American straight from Main Street USA.

As Tucker Carlson noted, Trump is very good at destroying things and not so great at building them. He’s a human wrecking ball, in short — perhaps what we needed in 2016 to break the corrupt corporate state duopoly, which he did admirably, but lacking in the kind of long-term strategic vision that would make a meaningful difference in American politics.

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Assuming that bringing RFK Jr. onto the Trump 2024 ticket could actually be useful for shaping Trump’s policy and personnel decision-making (which is sorely lacking given the kind of people like Jared Kushner he surrounded himself with the first go-round), RFK Jr. could do immensely beneficial things in his role as VP candidate.


Just close your eyes and imagine, for an indulgent moment, an RFK Jr. vs. Kamala Harris VP debate. It would be a bloodbath. On one hand, viewers would see a clearly principled man with an impressive depth of knowledge and, on the other, a vapid career climber who (allegedly) slept her way to the top of the Democrat Party and can barely spit out a sentence that doesn’t sound like it was manufactured in some think tank focus group.

That alone could be enough to sway voters on the fence — even Democrat ones — to vote the right way in 2024.



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