The Atlantic Spreads Pseudoscientific Myth That Ice Cream Is Healthy

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In a remarkable bit of fake news, corporate media rag The Atlantic has published a cringe thinkpiece claiming that ice cream is healthy.

Via The Atlantic:

Back in 2018, a Harvard doctoral student named Andres Ardisson Korat was presenting his research on the relationship between dairy foods and chronic disease to his thesis committee. One of his studies had led him to an unusual conclusion: Among diabetics, eating half a cup of ice cream a day was associated with a lower risk of heart problems. Needless to say, the idea that a dessert loaded with saturated fat and sugar might actually be good for you raised some eyebrows at the nation’s most influential department of nutrition.

Earlier, the department chair, Frank Hu, had instructed Ardisson Korat to do some further digging: Could his research have been led astray by an artifact of chance, or a hidden source of bias, or a computational error? As Ardisson Korat spelled out on the day of his defense, his debunking efforts had been largely futile. The ice-cream signal was robust.


Ice cream contains a wealth of simple sugars, which by no means is good for anyone’s health. Via UCLA Health:

High sugar and refined carbohydrate intake are established causes of poor health and chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and various metabolic syndromes. Diets high in both saturated fat and sugar can even increase the risk of kidney and liver diseases.

It may be true, based on research, that “whole-fat dairy consumption has a beneficial effect on CVD [cardiovascular] health.” But even so, why encourage sugar-laden ice cream over cheese, butter, or even artificial sweetener-free yogurt?

The corporate state has a well-documented track record of rebranding harmful foods and lifestyles as healthy.

The Biden administration’s White House “nutrition advisor” Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, for instance, believes that Lucky Charms™ — the processed sugar-laden breakfast cereal covered in artificial food coloring — is healthier than chicken.

Source: Nature Journal

In the final analysis, what interest do the social engineers who now run the U.S. state truly have in promoting healthy lifestyles? Poor diet is the number one contributor to chronic disease.


Chronic illness, in turn, pays dividends to pharmaceutical firms, healthcare providers, and biomedical manufacturers. Chronic illness is at the heart of their business model.

Knowing how their bread gets buttered, these corporations then put their profits to good use buying loyalty from the likes of Joe Biden, so that their guy gets put in charge of the government’s “nutrition” guidelines.

Tangentially, The Atlantic‘s recasting chronic ice cream consumption as a healthy practice also serves to normalize Joseph Biden’s well-documented ice cream habit — speculatively, in the service of treating some sort of dementia, as it has been shown to calm patients.

Via the International Journal of Molecular Sciences:

Epidemiological and clinical evidence has indicated that fermented dairy products have preventive effects against dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Recent preclinical studies have identified individual molecules generated during fermentation that are responsible for those preventive effects… Oleamide and dehydroergosterol identified from Camembert cheese induce microglia into the M2 anti-inflammatory phenotype, leading to neuroprotection.



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