Democrats' Corporate Media Smear Machine Kicks Into High Gear Against RFK Jr.

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

The Democrat Party has a serious RFK Jr. problem on its hands. The party is going to attempt to remedy its problem in very predictable ways by tapping into its notably short playbook.


The son of former senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former president John F. Kennedy (both assassinated) recently polled at 10% in the Democrat primary — despite near-total blacklisting from corporate media and a nonstop smear campaign since the launch of his campaign.

Unable to engage on the substance of RFK’s arguments, the only viable option besides ignoring him — which they would much prefer — is to attack.

So out come the claws.

“Anti-vaccine activist RFK Jr. challenging Biden in 2024,” reads the Associated Press headline.

Literally every corporate media hit piece on RFK since his announcement has included the term “anti-vaxxer” in their analysis. Most include it in their headlines.

If you’ve read one corporate media smear piece, you’ve read them all. No one has ever accused the corporate media of over-imagination, save perhaps for its conspiracy-theorizing about Russian election interference.

Here’s how they generally all go, via Associated Press:

Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an anti-vaccine activist and scion of one of the country’s most famous political families, is running for president.

Kennedy filed a statement of candidacy Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission.

The 69-year-old’s campaign to challenge incumbent President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination is a long shot.

Deep State-run Wikipedia features the smear in the first sentence of its biography: “Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. (born January 17, 1954) is an American environmental lawyer and author known for promoting anti-vaccine propaganda and conspiracy theories.”


“Nothing to see here. Look away! Disinformation!. He’s a crazy man, no one takes him seriously. Please don’t look. He’s very dangerous — to Democracy™, and The Science™, and all of Our Values™ actually.”

How intent the Deep State is on demonizing RFK Jr. only serves as further evidence in my mind that he is a real threat with sincerely-held convictions that he will act on if elected. He won’t be steamrolled by the lobbying and consulting classes.

The corporate media appears to not understand how weakened its position in the public discourse has become in recent years — such that, when it orchestrates attacks on populist figures like RFK Jr., they only serve to increase his popularity, not to decrease it.

I can’t trust a man who is endorsed by the likes of the New York Times and CNN, and my interest is automatically piqued by figures that they attack. It seems that this mode of analysis is embraced by many in the pro-freedom movement.



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