Polish Conservative Party Rebukes WEF Agenda With Proposed 'Anti-Bug' Law

(Image: Cicero7 via Pixabay)

Poland, legendary anti-globalist holdout, will not own nothing, eat zhe bugs and be happy as unelected globalist technocrat Klaus Shwab insists they, along with the rest of the prison planet, do.


Via Notes From Poland:

One of the parties that makes up Poland’s conservative government has proposed an “anti-bug law” that would require food products containing insects to be labelled with a special warning.

The proposal comes amid a recent campaign by the ruling coalition and its associated media in which they have claimed that if opposition parties win power at this year’s elections they will seek to restrict traditional meat consumption and make Poles eat insects instead. The opposition has announced no such plans.

“Dried mealworm larvae, powdered cricket – these are among the insects that the eurocrats and Rafał Trzaskowski [the opposition mayor of Warsaw] call new food,” said Janusz Kowalski, a deputy agriculture minister, while unveiling the plans in parliament yesterday.

“That is why we, United Poland [Solidarna Polska], have initiated the preparation of legal regulations, following the examples of Hungary and Italy, that will give Polish consumers clear knowledge about food products containing so-called bug additives,” he continued. “This is an anti-bug law.”

Doubtless, corporate state propaganda smear merchants of the European variety like the BBC are surely at work right now on a segment dunking United Poland’s unfounded “conspiracy theory” that the World Economic Forum wants the peasants to eat bugs as part of a quasi-religious form of neopagan Earth worship (they do).


But then the next logical question is: if no multinational corporate cabal is going to force the good people of Poland to eat worms for climate change, what’s the harm in banning it anyway?

Methinks thou doth protest too much.

Eastern Europe, as an indulgent aside, is truly a remarkable region of the world. In Ukraine in 2020-21, at the height of COVID insanity, I observed a cool and collected calmness — totally opposite to what I was seeing on North American/Western European social media and through personal correspondences regarding what was going on back home.

It seems that a lot of people have reactive hostility to Ukraine due to the whole U.S. vs. Russia geopolitical war that has turned into a Culture War wedge issue in domestic U.S. politics — because everything does, apparently — but it’s actually a stunning country in terms of the landscapes, the architecture, and the quality of people.

Source: Ben Bartee

Lviv, Ukraine

The Slavs, in general, strewn across Eastern Europe, are a people that have lived through the worst hell that can be replicated with material conditions on Earth. They understand the true face of tyranny and have developed a thick skin, a strong sense of gallows humor, and a peculiar kind of stoicism as a result.

My deep admiration for the Slavs makes me loathe all the more passionately the liberal NPCs who mindlessly cheerlead as a moral flex the war underway in Ukraine.


They couldn’t find the country on a map, and couldn’t care less about their fashionable war’s human toll there. Their championing of Ukraine is entirely conditional, temporary, and performative. They could turn on the Ukraine cause in an instant if Rachel Maddow instructed them to.

Moreover, as Ukraine is largely Orthodox Christian, if they ever heard the average Ukrainian’s take on gender ideology, they would recoil in horror at the transphobia.

The Slavs reject Social Justice™ social poison as readily as they laugh Public Health™ lies out of the room.

All cosmopolitan Western liberal robots know is that if it takes killing a few thousand, or perhaps a million, Ukrainians in their quest to even the score with Putin for his non-existent 2016 election meddling that allegedly cost Her Grace Hillary Clinton the presidency, they’ll sign the public treasury over to Raytheon and put up a blue and yellow flag in their Twitter bio like a good liberal does. It’s not, after all, Martha’s Vineyard getting bombed to smithereens.


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