American Decline? Honduras Government Openly Embraces 'One China' Policy

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America’s status as a unipolar hegemon is in imminent danger of collapse.

Via The Guardian:

Honduras has cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan, the Latin American country announced on Saturday, saying it recognises “only one China in the world”.

Honduras is the ninth diplomatic ally that Taipei has lost to Beijing since pro-independence president Tsai Ing-wen first took office in May 2016. The move leaves Taiwan recognised by only 13 sovereign states…

Taiwan’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu, accused Honduran president Xiomara Castro of being misled by Chinese promises of financial aid. Honduras’s move followed negotiations with China on building a hydroelectric dam in the country.

The announcement by Honduras’s foreign ministry comes amid rising tensions between Beijing and the United States, including over China’s increasing assertiveness toward self-ruled Taiwan.


The level of political support lent to Taiwan by a nation like Honduras should be best understood as a proxy gauge of its geopolitical alignment with either China or the West (represented by the United States). China, as an essential demand in any negotiation process, requires the acknowledgment of Taiwan as China’s rightful domain. If one wants to do business with China, one must at least remain ambiguous on the Taiwan question but, ideally (from the CCP’s perspective), openly supportive of the One China policy.

It should be emphasized that, on the grand geopolitical chessboard, Honduras is as backyard as backyard gets, from the perspective of the United States. That the country’s leadership is so openly embracing Chinese influence is a major strike at America’s waning hegemony. The significance of the optics can’t have been lost on Honduras’s leadership, which means they understood the diplomatic blowback this move would generate and they did it anyway.

Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar, at this rate, will lose its status as the world reserve currency, and in short order. Dozens of African countries have been persuaded to consider adopting the yuan as a reserve currency. Russia, currently cut out of the liberal economic order, now trades in yuan. Ghana and other countries now trade oil in gold — damning news for the petrodollar, which owes its name to the fact that its global hegemony is underpinned by the global oil trade conducted, until now, almost exclusively in dollars.


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