TikTok Butterball: 'You're Being a Racist When You Start Promoting Weight Loss'

An enormous lady (I’m assuming gender identity) who strongly resembles Ursula from the Little Mermaid is angry that, apparently, doctors keep telling her to lose weight. So, she shared her frustrations in an uncomfortable rant to TikTok.


“Your doctor is lying!” she exclaims.

What the TikToker is referencing — as her eyes bug out (why do all their eyes do that?) — is the purely academic Social Justice™ theory developed by overpaid, bored women’s and gender studies scholars that somehow, preference for non-morbidly-obese mates is the product of White Supremacy™. I have reported on this phenomenon elsewhere.

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Because white NPC liberals are conditioned to reflexively recoil at the merest accusation of racism, no matter how far-fetched, these people assume that if they just start screaming “bigot!” at the doctor’s office, he or she will relent and tell them what they want to hear: that they can shove garbage down their throat-holes with impunity and it won’t affect their health or sexual attractiveness.



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