Linebacker 'Trans' Dude Demands Right to Chemically Castrate His Two 'Trans' Kids

(Twitter video screenshot)

The absolute state of the American neoliberal empire!

A hulking dude built like Ray Lewis who fancies himself a lady (she/her pronouns) appeared in the Minnesota House with some demands.


The “mother of two wonderful transgender and gender-expansive children” and a boastful member of the Transgender Movement For Liberation (liberation from what exactly is unclear) lobbied for “affirmative care” for his “trans” children – “affirmative care” being a euphemism for chemical castration drugs that permanently block natural development during puberty and/or surgical mutilations of the genitals and breasts.

As the gentlemen here did, these people always threaten to flee if they are not sufficiently catered to. The standard is blind obedience and reactive celebration of deviancy, no matter how extreme. Anything less is transphobic.


They love the threatening-to-leave routine because they have a refugee fetish, grasping at any chance to further victimize themselves by feigning persecution.

Yes, the transes are put-upon in the United States of Transphobic America. It’s not like the government literally flies their ridiculous flags at its embassies worldwide for unclear reasons.

Bye, Felicia. Try your non-binary routine out in Belarus or Uganda. Demand “affirmation” there and see how things work out



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