WATCH: Criminal Pfizer CEO Ambush-Interviewed at Davos

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

In probably one of the only times that his whereabouts are known and that he isn’t protected behind the walls of a fortified compound with a legion of private security armed to the teeth, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla got ambushed by a team of crack journalists from Rebel News, assuredly on his way to some smoke-filled backroom to scheme with government and corporate peers to extract more profit and social control out of the people in the name of Public Health™.


From the very first question regarding why Bourla and his company lied about their product stopping COVID transmission (a Pfizer executive recently admitted they never tested transmission post-vaccine), it was a brutal onslaught, one after another, of fully legitimate questions the corporate media has refused to ask for three years.

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A clearly uncomfortable and discombobulated Bourla, only flanked by one or two bodyguards, stared at his feet most of the time, nearly walking into a wall at one point.


This is the kind of guerrilla confrontation we need at all times toward all the Public Health™ goons in the public and private sectors responsible for the devastation of the last three years. They do not deserve the privilege of hiding behind “decorum” or other niceties of polite societies. Rather, they should be regarded as unindicted criminals and treated accordingly with a concomitant level of disdain.


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