'Transage': Adults Who Sexually Identify as Toddlers


Of all the weird kinks that turn into sexual identities on the ever-expanding LGBTQ+++™ spectrum, transageism (trans-age-ism) is far and away the most psychologically disturbing.



The transagers have their very own flag, which, aside from a few modifications of the colors, looks indistinguishable from the standard Pride flag or the “minor-attracted persons” (MAPS) one.


Being transage isn’t about generically “feeling young inside” or whatever. Lots of well-adjusted adults often claim they don’t “feel their age” or look their age, who seemingly defy the natural laws of aging, like Jennifer Anniston.

Jennifer Anniston is not “trans-age.” She just has access to super-healthy food and probably a top-tier plastic surgeon.

What trans-ageism is about, as best I can suss out after diving deep down the TikTok rabbit  hole, is a) a public attempt to grapple with some sort of deep-seated psychological trauma like molestation as a young child in the cringest, most unproductive way possible, or b) public cries for attention by otherwise untalented or uninteresting narcissists.


A lot of these people self-identify as “neurodivergent” – a euphemism often used to refer to autism – in their bios.

Age regression is a common condition in children that manifests in response to psychological distress, as explained in a study published in The Primary Care Companion For CNS Disorders:

Regression is an unconscious defense mechanism, which causes the temporary or long-term reversion of the ego to an earlier stage of development (instead of handling unacceptable impulses in a more adult manner). Regression is typical in normal childhood, and it can be caused by stress, by frustration, or by a traumatic event. Children usually manifest regressive behavior to communicate their distress.

Until the TikTok degenerates came into frame, though, age regression was universally recognized as an undesirable, negative psychological step backward to be remedied through therapy or medication – not a brand new marginalized sexual identity to be celebrated as brave and stunning or whatever.

It’s amazing that, in 2023, this actually needs to be said, but indulging mentally ill adults’ fantasies about being a pre-pubescent member of the opposite sex by incorporating them into the ever-expanding LGBTQ+++™ hodgepodge of protected identities is not a path to recovery, either for the individual or society.


The cultural milieus of empires have historically become decadent (from the top down) and indulgent prior to their collapse, rotting from within, so maybe that’s just where we’re at. Think the various, escalating depravities of the Roman emperors in the latter days,

Inertia-wise, it’s increasingly apparent that rolling all this back might be impossible, and we’re just going to take that ride into entropy no matter what.


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