French Feminists Sue Beauty Pageant for 'Discrimination' Over 'Beauty Standards'

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A gaggle of French harpies calling themselves the “Osez le féminisme” (Dare to be a Feminist) — because feminists can’t resist branding themselves as somehow subversive or brave when in fact their ideology is commonplace and uncritically embraced across the West — have sued a beauty pageant for “discrimination” under French labor law because it enforces (gasp!) beauty standards in its contests.


Via France 24:

[The] group, along with three failed contestants, filed a suit against the promoters and producers of Miss France in October 2021, alleging they were breaking French labour law.

The plaintiffs argued that the companies were discriminatory by obliging aspiring beauty queens to be more than 1.70 metres (five feet, six inches) tall, single, and “representative of beauty”.

The labour court in the Paris suburb of Bobigny rejected their arguments, Osez le féminisme said in a statement – “an intolerable decision that extends a recruitment process that is discriminatory and illegal”.

Per Merriam-Webster, the technical definition of discrimination is “the act of making or perceiving a difference.”

Let us divest ourselves of leftist word games. Winning the ideological war begins with smaller victories over semantics, which the Social Justice™ left understands well.

“Discrimination” devoid of context is not a dirty word. The performance of discrimination per se is not a shameful act. Discrimination is necessary for the execution of the most basic everyday functions on an individual level (you discriminate between water and motor oil as a morning beverage), let alone for a complex civilization.

Of course a beauty pageant discriminates. Discrimination is literally the entire point of a beauty contest.


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Ranking beauty might be a subjective judgment, but it is a judgment, which by definition, in the context of a beauty pageant, requires discriminating between a number of candidates to determine a winner.

Some things are different than other things. Some things are better endowed with a certain desired characteristic — in this case, beauty, as judged by collective preferences — than other things. That’s how the world works, and no amount of trophies-for-everyone communist social engineering can ever change that.

The most social engineering can achieve is to outlaw and artificially suppress the expression and/or acknowledgment of these differences — at least until any observable differences are bred out of us via industrial babymaking Brave New World-style.



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