LGBTQ+++™ Propaganda Study: Children Given Irreversible Puberty Blockers Continue Treatment Into Adulthood

(Scott Threlkeld/The Advocate via AP)

A cohort study recently published in The Lancet, the bible of the biomedical establishment, found that children administered puberty blockers (euphemistically termed “gender-affirming hormones”) kept up with “therapy” into adulthood.


Via The Lancet:

720 people were included, of whom 220 (31%) were assigned male at birth and 500 (69%) were assigned female at birth…

Most participants who started gender-affirming hormones in adolescence continued this treatment into adulthood. The continuation of treatment is reassuring considering the worries that people who started treatment in adolescence might discontinue gender-affirming treatment.

Of course, corporate state propaganda outlets and the study’s authors (which demonstrates the bias built into the study) spin these findings as proof that they are necessary. Why, the argument goes, should these irreversible drugs be considered harmful for children when most of the children given to them end up using them in adulthood?

Via NPR:

Marianne van der Loos, a physician at Amsterdam UMC’s Center for Expertise on Gender Dysphoria, is the paper’s lead author.

“I think it’s an important finding because we see that most of these people continue to use gender-affirming hormones,” van der Loos tells NPR.

But really what this study shows is that in-group social pressure and inertia exist, which should already have been obvious.

Humans are creatures of habit. Once we start down a certain path as children and our neural pathways are imprinted with a newfound “gender identity” affirmed and re-affirmed and re-affirmed by trusted authority figures, this becomes the default mode of being.


As a coping mechanism, people also reflexively hesitate to admit that they were conned. Imagine how difficult it would be for an 18-year-old, or even a 25-year-old, who had their natural puberty artificially and irreversibly suppressed and who built their entire identity around their “transgender” ideology, to come to terms with the depth of their deception?

On top of that, there are the in-group social pressures to conform to the hivemind that accompany the physical transition. The “trans” subculture (heavy on the “cult” portion) is notoriously intolerant of any of its members straying even two inches off the plantation. Detransitioners are immediately shunned.

The Big Pharma profiteers and the social engineering activists, who work in tandem, understand all of this basic human psychology, of course, which is why they are obsessed with getting to children as early as possible.

It’s frankly a miracle that any young adult could muster the courage to face the music. The ones who do deserve to be celebrated and elevated.


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